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English 9 Notes 1/31/13 - Plot

Plot – West Side Story/Romeo & Juliet

Process of Essay Writing:
            1. brainstorm/pre-think
            2. pre-write
            3. revision
            4. final draft/edit

Writing a paragraph:
Topic sentence

Plot – what happens in a story, or the sequence of events
Conflict – two opposing forces (protagonist vs antagonist)
Protagonist struggles for (pro-) something, antagonist struggles against (ant-) something
Exterior conflict and interior conflict
Protagonists – Romeo and Juliet, Tony and Maria (struggling to have a successful marriage/relationship)
Antagonist – The feud
The feud vs. Romeo and Juliet/Tony and Maria, essentially Hate vs. Love
Protagonists are struggling for the same thing, against the same thing in both (similarities in plot)
Romeo and Juliet got married, Tony and Maria didn’t (difference in plot)
The same exterior and interior conflicts (being too rash/their pride)
Romeo and Juliet (page 7) “In fair Verona…” 14th century
West Side Story (aerial shot of New York City) 20th century
Different settings, but both the play and the film established the setting in the beginning of the story
Can be connotative (love vs hate) or denotative (the feud vs Romeo and Juliet)
The feud vs Romeo and Juliet/Tony and Maria (doesn't matter who it is, universal) is symbolic of love vs hate
Background information necessary to understand what's happening
The exciting force in Romeo and Juliet, what starts the feud (pg 11, biting their thumbs)
The exciting force in West Side Story is when a Jet writes "stinks"
They're similar because it's provoking a fight and there's a rumble/fight afterwards


Topic sentence: The movie and the tragedy are basically alike because the plot in both are basically alike. Or: The movie and the tragedy are basically different because in the plot some major differences happen.
Conflict plays big role in plot. Major forces are known as protagonist vs antagonist. Pro means for, ant means against.
Similarities between Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story: Plot- Same conflict: Can their love survive? To be successful in their love, they must over come their feud. That is the exterior conflict, although there is also an interior conflict: both Romeo and Juliet and Tony and Maria must over come their rashness (not thinking things out ahead of time ie: getting married too soon, or killing Tibolt). We were given the setting in the beginning of both the movie and the tragedy. Exposition- background info to help understand story or exciting force, starts the conflict. Romeo and Juliet has the fight (introduce family feud). West Side Story has a fight start too because somebody writes Sharks Suck on the wall. Both start with a  fight to show off the feud.

Differences: Plot- Romeo and Juliet get married, as Tony and Maria don’t get married. To overcome their conflict they must get over the feud, but in West Side Story it’s the gangs, as in Romeo and Juliet it’s the family issues. The setting is different for West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet. Quote for Romeo and Juliet go to the prologue to prove where they are from. In the movie we know its in New York in 1960 because it shows a shot of New York in the beginning of movie. Exposition-

Plot- conflict….. protagonist vs antagonist
Protagonist struggles for something & antagonist can be opposing person, force, idea, animal, ect.
Can they have a successful love relationship?
External conflict: The feud; families/street gang
Internal conflict: All must overcome their rashness for successful relationship.
Archetypal situations: time and setting doesn’t matter so much…. Symbolism; when something represents what it is and also something else. A apple could just be an apple but it could also represent knowledge/temptation. In other words: denotative (the particular)-an apple is just an apple. Connotative (the universal)-an apple represents knowledge.
LOVE VS. HATE Romeo/Juliet, West Side Story archetypes of lovers trying to overcome hatred from others to be together.
Exposition: background information necessary to understand what is happening. Also the exciting force-what compels the conflict to force ie. “I will bite my thumb.”
External conflict question: Will their love survive?
Internal conflict question: Can they overcome their rashness.
Rising action to climax: action that leads up to the moment of highest emotional intensity where the characters make a choice that makes the resolution inevitable. Where Romeo kills Tybalt.
During rising action there are complications: Things that make having a successful resolution to the conflict more difficult. Dad of Juliet arranges her marriage with Paris. Tybalt killed by Romeo.
Romeo drinks poison and dies- certain unsuccessful plot resolution. Then Juliet stabs herself.
THEN the Capulets and Montegues build each other statues and ended the feud FORGIVING each other.
Quotations: Pg. 27 arranged marriage. Pg. 55. Climax pg. 125. Pg. 141 banishment.

Essay/Paragraph Template - Handout

Conclusion Paragraphs & Quotations - Handout

Discussion Techniques - Handout

HW 1/31/13

Euro Lit: Read chapters 4-7 of Candide and complete chapter reports 4-7

English 9: Organize notes on plot; pre-write plot body paragraph

Honors 9: Read "Harrison Bergeron"

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Candide Writing Assignment & Using Quotations - Handout

Tools for Creating Satire - Handout

West Side Story vs Romeo & Juliet Essay Notes

Thesis opinion: either basically similar or basically different.

West Side Story                Both                         Romeo and Juliet
Characters                           Roles                          Characters
Names                                 age                                names
Gangs                                   actions (plot)            families

Literary devices: (only need for body paragraphs)
Character à the play West Side Story is the same (or different) as the tragedy Romeo and Juliet based on the similarities (or differences) in their characters.
Examples use quotations from the novel, use supporting explantions.

Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet are 15 and 14, respectively. Nurse and Anita are different ages. Nurse is older, and Romeo makes fun of her for her age. “Farewell, ancient lady.” (99).

Roles: The roles of Friar Lawrence and Doc both serve the role as a trusted friend and advisor (mentor).
Nurse and Anita have similar roles too.
T&M and R&J are nearly the same in their roles. They both have feuding families and fall in love despite that. Both depends on your theses opinion
Plot: The plots of each story essentially follow the same course.

Age: Tony and Maria are older than Romeo and Juliet.
Friar Lawrence has more wisdom than Doc.
Setting: R&J is set in 14th century Italy. West Side Story is set in NYC in the 1960s.

West Side Story:
Tony and Maria are older (Age)
Doc and Friar Lawrence ------- Friar Lawrence has more wisdom

HW 1/30/13

Euro Lit: Read Candide chapters 1-3 and write chapter reports 1-3

English 9: Organize notes on plot and pre-write the plot body paragraph

Honors 9: Write body paragraphs for one of the thesis opinions; print and bring complete essay

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HW 1/29/13

Euro Lit: Read chapters 1-3 of Candide and write chapter reports 1-3

English 9: Read handouts on transitions and body paragraphs; organize notes on movie and begin brainstorming and pre-writing on West Side Story vs Romeo and Juliet

Honors 9: Read handouts and write 1 conclusion paragraph

Transitional Devices Handout

Conclusions Handout - The Good and the Bad

Supporting Body Paragraphs Handout

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Practice Writing "Topic Sentences" - Main Points

HW 1/28/13

Euro Lit: Bring Henry V back to turn in (late Wednesday), bring student ID to check out Voltaire's Candide

English 9: Organize notes on movie and begin brainstorming pre-writing on West Side Story vs Romeo & Juliet

Honors 9: Write topic sentences and intro paragraph for two thesis statements