Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Euro Lit Homework 11/09/16

Due Thursday:
Read "The Battle of Maldon"
Write Study Guide Answers
Bring Student ID Cards
Food can drive

Monday, November 7, 2016

Euro Lit Notes 11/07/16

Great Quotes/Paraphrases in today's discussion Period 1 and 2:

Conversation about Bullies:
- Do not look for enemies where there aren't any.
-This meditation is a good philosophy for self-preservation which is not always good if you are trying or need to uphold others.
Is it possible to be indifferent and uphold others? -Yes, you can put yourself into another person's shoes and not be emotional with them.
Should we get out of the way of bullies? -Yes and no, if it's a one time thing you can ignore the situation, but if it continues you should confront them. 
-Subjective for every situation.

Key phrase: I will gladly change.

-If he is proven wrong then he will change.
-But then there is subjective truth. Example, parents believe vaccinations are bad  (causes autism) even when given evidence that they are extremely beneficial.

-There is no possible way to not take opinions from others. Our ideas are built from past ideas. Another word for stoicism is indifference.
-We should live the examined life, we should have meaning and value of our own actions.

Key phrase: Live everyday as if it's your last.

-Take in everything with a purpose.
-Don't live under the fear of death.
- You do not need to live everyday of your life to the extreme, but don't completely waste away your day. If you are sick get better, if you are sad take some time for yourself whatever that may be, but then reach out to a friend. If you are completely healthy and happy then do something more even if that something seems small.

Euro Lit Homework 11/07/16

 Due Thursday 11/10/16
Read "The Battle of Maldon"
Write Study Guide Answers