Wednesday, February 15, 2017

European Literature Notes 2/15/17

Important notes/homework in red
Student commentary in blue
Notes in black
Any quotations, unless otherwise noted, are Stewart's
Vocabulary in green
Stewart Recommends in purple

Read Chapter 3 of Damien as well as "the Repentant Thief"

There will be a pop quiz at some point

Demian continually slaps Emil on the shoulder repeatedly.
Is this significant?
East of Eden by John Steinbeck
Demian interprets the story of Cain and Abel as someone who is different from the herd and is pushed out.
Demian is interested in the coat of arms of a bird that is over Emil's doorway and has been painted over. The bird plays into the controlling image of the eggs.
Is it possible that the bird represents freedom and that, because it is painted over, it is in bondage?
Emil has half an Oedipal complex
Kromer represents the Shadow in Emil's life
Both Kromer and Demian are from the Dionysian world. 
Nietzsche postulated that man decides what is good and evil

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