Thursday, February 16, 2017

European Literature Notes 2/16/17

Important notes/homework in red
Student commentary in blue
Notes in black
Quotations, unless otherwise noted, are Stewart's
Vocabulary in green
Stewart recommends in purple 

Reread Demian Chapter 3 

Know the Nuts and Bolts  

Good news! There's only one essay left for the class!
Sexual selection hints at the ability of animals to make choices. Like us. 
Intentionality: the ability of the mind to influence the objective world
Synchronicity: when things happen that coincide with prior events. Says that there is no thing as coincidence
How far can we go in understanding the nature of reality?
Keep an index of different philosopher's views regarding different existential topics with quotes to back up your claim. 
Alienation: Being apart from the herd and being an individual (p. 9, Chapter 2, and p. 52 have good quotes in Hesse's belief in this regard) 
If survival is determined by our ability to go along with the herd, why would it be in our best interest to alienate ourselves from the world? If our brains are hardwired to derive pleasure and happiness from fitting into the herd, why should we reject that physical reality in seeking to be alienated from the group? Does being an individual bring one closer to happiness?
Alienation brings with it freedom and responsibility for one's own actions
Sartre believes that everyone is condemned to make choices
Emil starts out denying or repressing the darker world
chthonic: dealing with the spirits in the Greek underworld 
Childhood brings with it innocence 
Obfuscate: cover up 
Ekstasis: to observe oneself transcendentally  

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