Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Honors 9 Class Notes 2/14/17

            Read: Romeo and Juliet
            Act III
            Complete: study guide and vocab
How many period two honors English students does it take to screw in a light bulb?
0, it’s a metaphorical light bulb that symbolizes the pure genius that derives from the college bowls we have.

The Head Of the Essay
-       Title
-       Hook
-       Plant a big Picture seed
-       Answer the essay prompt clearly
The Body:
-       What are the reasons for your opinion
-       The more reasons the more paragraphs
The Feet:
-       Big picture thinking
-       Boil down main idea to one word

Romeo and Juliet College Bowl:
-       Augment: to increase
-       Choler: anger
-       Covert: secretive, hidden
-       Flourish: prosper, flower
-       Fortnight: two weeks
-       Jest: Joking
-       Nuptial: relating to marriage
-       Pernicious: angry, deadly, hateful
-       Portentous: foreboding
-        Posterity: future generations
-       Profane: vulgar
-       Semblance: appearance

Describe Juliet’s relationship with her mom:
Her parents play a large part in her decision-making, feels as if they don’t have a very tight relationship, reasoning:
-       Her mom does not care how Juliet feels about being married off
-       Her nurse breast fed her which makes her more of a mother figure
-       The nurses own child died so Juliet is a daughter figure
Page 37, line 65: quote that represents the nurses relationship with her mom
(Thanks Mia!)
Page 35, line 10 shows that the mom doesn’t even know how old the daughter is
Lady Capulet is rich, she has never had a real relationship with her daughter, while the nurse is the real mother figure
Is the Nurse well educated?
-       She can’t read this list of people attending the party, according to Mr. Stewart, the class thinks it was another character
-       The nurse is trailer trash (cash me ousside howbow dah) but she loves Juliet
Who is Queen Mab?
A fairy midwife who brings dreams to people, no bigger than a stone she drives around a wagon pulled by atoms
At this point in the class Stewart went on a long tangent about sir John fallstaff? Anyway I didn’t take notes because it seems a little off topic
Discretion is the better part of valor?
Being wise and not fighting is better than fighting and losing
What does this have to do with what we’re learning you ask? Well I have no idea
 What do Romeo and Juliet realize by the end of this act?
They come from opposing families and they are in a feud, they love each other.
She says the first man she loves is from the only family that she hates
 Why did Romeo hesitate to reveal himself?
She says “Oh Romeo, Romeo, why are you a Montague?”  Wherefore means why. Romeo overhears and his hesitant to reveal himself, this guy is a stalker, he is hiding in the bushes
What does Juliet say in her famous name speech?
She is saying why are you a Montague, your name is my enemy but I’m in love with you no matter your name.
Big Poetry Seed: the less you say the more you say because of the connotative possibilities of symbolism
Gertrude stein said that “a rose is a rose is a rose.”
Why is Juliet embarrassed that Romeo hears her speech?
She was professing her love and that’s very personal and private
What are Juliet’s fears?
She is afraid that because she fell for him so quickly and moving to RASHLY
She thinks her love isn’t worth much because she is so easily won
What do they plan to do the next day?
What is the Friars reaction?
He thinks they’re going to fast, he says gee the tears for Rosaline aren’t ever dry yet
He is worried that she isn’t truly in love with her vanity not her personality
He agrees to marry them anyway, why?

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