Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bean Trees June 7

What made the ending good?
Turtle singing the vegetable song

How was it?

Why was the second to last chapter titled that?

Is it relevant to today?

What is the last chapter called that?
It works with the bean trees
symbolic of family
Stayin Alive ah ah ah
You can be strong and have support

What is the main theme?
Helping others
Everyone only get to where they need by help from others

Why is she a nail biter?
Its a big decision to adopt a kid
She has sympathy for the people that she works with

Community is stronger together

How do we feel?
Like we want to help people

What changes?
Turtle didn’t have a mom, now she does
She was living with someone now she’s living with taylor
they didn’t know each other, now they do
Esperanza and Esteban were in danger now they’re not

Who is the protagonist

External Con Q
Can she be turtle’s mother?
Can she save E &E?
Can Turtle find her mother?
Ex Con Res.
Immigration was happening

What must Taylor do overcome in herself to make Sure E&E are safe?
CAn she make the decision?
What must she do to make the decision?
Have confidence

If you don’t do something to make the world better, you’re making it worse

“That just can’t be right... killed”
Taylor talkin to Estaban

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