Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Euro lit notes 3/8

Ivan Ilych is a story about alienation: Ivan Ilych becomes alienated from himself and his own life by the herd mentality.
Others treat Ivan like an object rather than a human. “inauthentically”
Stream of consciousness is a writing style where the writing acts as a conduit to express one’s thoughts. It’s messy.
The varieties of religious experience by William James
the herd=the participation mystique
The children in Ivan Ilych are not steeped in the participation mystique; they are more authentic than the adults.
None of the funeral goers showed compassion for Ivan or realized that they are going to die too
Ivan didn’t marry out of love, but out of societal expectations.
Remember Candide and Cunegonde?
Ivan took the easy way, which is the way that the participation mystique chose for him
Ivan doesn’t have an authentic life. He tries to keep up with appearances. Ivan dies from trying to keep up with appearances.

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