Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lord of the flies 6/13

The beast is the animalistic side in all of the boys ID
fear/fear of unknown. They don’t know themselves
Gnothi Seaton
Strangeworth needed to know herself in order to overcome her id.
Ralph is symbolic of humanity because he is the decision maker/ego
Ralph’s int Con Question: Can he overcome the Id/beast
Symbol for id: beast
Boys represent society
human nature: Jack because he doesn’t use information id
jack wants power so they can have fun. Ralph wants to have deferred gratification and get rescued. freedom vs. happiness
Simon- herd mentality? No. Opposite. Goes off by himself. Individual.
“What are grownups going to think” Piggy sounds like a parent. he is the superego.
“came from the beach... conch... fire” If ralph blows conch and no one comes is he the leader: Not really. If he doesn’t: Only leader in name
Gets boys back together. What does he want them to do: Build a fire to get rescued
“bitten down to the quick” he’s nervous. He is a child
sea is the barrier between them and civilization
parachute drives the fear also outside world is still out there
“We couldn’t kill it...conch...coward...jack mad” Why does jack leave? They still want Ralph
Symbolism of gift for the darkness: darkness is id. darkness can also be fear
jack is the beast
Simon- has epilepsy
Fire symbolic-knowledge
Double edged stick
fancy thinking the beast was something you could kill. I’m the reason it’s no go. The pigs head is the id.

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