Wednesday, June 14, 2017


For the test:
Know all the characters and what they exactly they do throughout the book

Ending sad because they cause all of these problems and then they were just saved, and only then did they realize that what they did was wrong.
It can relate to real life where we make bad decisions and only when its over do we realize what we did was bad.

Kinda funny how the ending as so abrupt. They went form chasing people through the woods and trying to kill Ralph, to seeing a ship and crying.

Kinda like the episode of Twilight zone where everyone was trying to kill each other because they thought they were bombed, and then realizing that it was just a satellite.
Ironic because by burning down the forest to find Ralph attracted the ship that saved them.
We only get our shit together when we are on the brink of catastrophe.

They killed Simon, but they kept lying to themselves that Simon’s body is the monster and they have finally killed it.
- Jack is the person that instills the fear of the beast, allowing him to gain control of the group through their fear. Jack maintains his leadership through giving them immediate gratification.

The naval officer that found the boy was very astonished by the boys when he saw them. He at first though that they were playing a game of war, but then realizes that they were not playing but were at war with their savage nature. 
“ He staggered to his feet...”(200)

We all allow our fear of the unknown to control us, bringing out our savage nature, leading us to the brink of catastrophe.
We all need to gnothi seaton(know ourselves) so that we are able to overcome our human nature and be able to be the self-surpassing humans that we are meant to be. But if we do not known ourselves and know our fears, we will allow our savage nature to overcome and bring us even closer to chaos and destruction.

- We are all at war with ourselves, and we need to overcome our human nature so that we can be self-surpassing and so that we can make the world around a better place


Naval Officer- He symbolizes an extraterrestrial of the island. He is there to save the boys from the island and also from their savage nature.
- In real life an extraterrestrial/god will not be coming down to save us from our human nature and our id. 

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