Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Homework for Wednesday: Complete end marks and capitalization review

Words of the day- Everyday is a good day; however, some are better than others.

Cover your mouth when you yawn in order to prevent Satan from jumping down yo’ nasty throat.

Be a piece of cooked spaghetti

Clincher sentence connects with the thesis opinions
Main reason proved by examples proved by quotations proved by explanations which proves the thesis opinion

A comes back to A is the literary device of character 99% of the time.

Homeric Pattern-
ArĂȘte- the strive for excellence
People strive for excellence is because they fear death, which is why we created the gods. The closest thing that mortals can get to immortality is fame.

Homer noticed that usually people with pride end up doing something that causes them to fall.

Watson expects big picture thinking in the conclusion paragraph.
One way is through comparison. Compare “Daedalus” to another movie, book, etc.
Use three points within the comparison.

For example) lance Armstrong was striving to be the best bicyclist that he could be in the same way that Daedalus was trying to be the best inventor

Lance’s hubris was his overconfidence

Lance’s ate was taking performance enhancing drugs

Lance’s nemesis was that he was stripped of his previous championships, and was infamous for the rest of his life.

Anagnorisis is the recognition that you have messed up.

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