Thursday, December 7, 2017

December 5th Pantheon- family of gods Gaia- mother earth Cosmology- origin of the Earth Rhapsode- oral storytellers, told mythology, MEN! Patriarchy- men rule Matriarchy- women rule Anthropomorphic- in the shape or form of human – Gods have the same emotions as humans Mythology very sexist- don’t trust women Hera crazy jealous Demigod- half man half God Archetype- someone who tries to keep things calm, compromise Mythology- their entertainment, and ethics (ethos) What is good? Bad? 5 purposes of myths: 1. Entertainment 2. Ethics 3. Explain the world- historically, 4. Scientifically 5. Geographically Fire symbolic of knowledge, life, and power 1st chaos from darkness came love—darkness created something before love, the fates. 3 of them Fates rule over the Gods- represent predetermination. Female cant be controlled by man Gaia has children with his sons gets send to hell—have three sets of children with him – Cyclops, giants, furies Cronus marries sister Rhea has kids but he east them Zeus is 5th child first one to rebel against his father Civil war—titans have trader give human fire! Bad bad bad for Zeus as the leader doesn’t want human to overthrow him Self surpassing we can be better than we were yesterday!!! 12/5/17 Turned in and corrected comma packets. Flowchart essay: 5-paragraph essay without intro paragraph, only thesis statement. 4 Flowchart essays, 2 are taken for grades. 1 Period. 5th essay is THE FULL MONTY!!! 3 Periods. Flowchart essays- sentence fluency + conventions are worth very little, ideas, content, organization are VERY IMPORTANT. Full monty- sentence fluency and conventions and all that are worth more- know that stuff! Read story, prep for discussion first night with story. During the week revise notes, think, add what’s on the blog to your notes. Thursday night prepare a LOT for the essay. Essays are written in class on Fridays. No one writes a perfect first draft- they’re all shitty. Revise, revise, & revise again. You’re assessed on real thinking- whether you can think critically and express yourself well- and putting that into well-organized sentences and paragraphs. Really think about organization! Compound/complex sentences, conjunctive adverbs. Don’t plot rehash! It insults Watson and it insults you- we all know what happened in the story. If you want to bring up a specific part of the book, include a quote and ANALYZE IT and how it relates to your ideas. By Thursday, everything will be said, but beautiful, wonderful, insightful things will be left out or not discussed – catch those things, and write about them in your essay. Tie everything back to your theme. Does it have nothing to do with your theme? Erase it. Pro Tip: Don’t forget your brains when you write the essays, when you are preparing at home, and when you come to class! THINK! Thursday- word process #57- 5 paragraphs! Each should have conjunctive adverb. 12/6/17 Period 5 Honors 9b Mark up the story as you go along – don’t do too much in the beginning! There’s always room for original thought that hasn’t been brought up in class – spend time thinking as an individual. You only have so much space to write and so much time to write the essays – use compound/complex sentences and squeeze things together, be SUCCINT and get to the point. LITERARY DEVICES Subplot/subtheme- 2nd less important theme or message. ELEMENTS OF A SHORT STORY Read between the lines! Find implied meanings – don’t read completely literally. Everything you write goes towards your thesis statement, every word. WHY - character motivation- what is the character, why they do things - why did the author have it happen that way? Characters often represent humanity or parts of it, read a lot into this! Every time you have a thought, ask yourself WHY about 100000 times. Short stories are concise, so every detail has a purpose. FLOWCHART ESSAYS Make sure to get the format right- don’t lose points for dumb details, buddy. Don’t. Thesis statement and topic sentences neatly printed out when you come to class for the essay. Watson cares about your ideas, not conventions, sentence fluency, etc. Develop your ideas as completely as you possibly can, even if you go insane doing it. 1. Thesis Statement 2. Topic Sentence ¾. Write 5. Topic Sentence 6/7. Write 8. Topic Sentence 9/10. Write 11. Conclusion You MUST use plot for all 6 essays! FULL MONTY- you did everything. You don’t realistically have time/space to do this – pick the ones that are the best in general and for you and your ideas. FOCUS. Focus yourself, and focus your ideas ALWAYS on the thesis statement. Make a creative title for extra points. THESIS STATEMENT- theme, 3 reasons (literary devices). Biggest Weakness all of you will have is just saying – again, always ask yourself WHY WHY WHY x 1000000!!

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