Friday, December 8, 2017

December 8 Honors 9a HW: Read the story and figure out what changes! Icarus vs Talos, Talos had the talent but D didn’t want to be overcome him D liked Icarus better more of a follower Icarus fly too high fly too low, symbol for teenage years trying to find balance in youth, TESTING HIS BOUNDARIES Self-surpassing, everyone trying to be better than everyone else Freedom vs. responsibility? Having arête vs hubris Do not commit ate!!!!!!!!!!!! THEME: Do not have hubris Pg. 4 1st paragraph “not too high, not too low” Setting boundaries for Icarus, his pride ran away with his wit trying to help his son Freedom and responsibility staying in the middle air Story is Homeric Pattern- arête hubris ate nemesis Gnothi seaton – know thy self Meden agan- stick to the middle/nothing to excess Closest to immortality is fame Swan is white—Icarus follows Significant of “drumming” in partridge being happy Pride being hurt when accused of killing Talos – explain how Slave girls topless- significant? SEXIST!!!!! Myths are early form psychology; help us know ourselves gnothi seaton Anthropomorphic-- Athena wants vengeance “He decided to hide his shame” – shame in the antonym of pride Freewill!! Icarus chose to go in because of his love for his father “The first boy in the history of the world to fly” – Icarus arête “I’ll out fly them all” – Icarus hubris, exceeded the bounds meant for him by the universe Homeric pattern for almost every 12/8/17 Honors 9b HW: Reread the story and figure out what changes. First day of bootcamp guys! Become one brain, drown in notes, cry, suffer. Suffering is a part of life. WHAT DO YOU GUYS FEEL? As it progresses, the reader makes realizations and the world comes together. Author captures the readers emotions towards the end when Harrison is shot down. At the end the feeling is hopelessness because no one will remember Harrison. Frustration because the society will only continue on as it is, everyone forgets Harrison. Sadness because there’s no resolution to the problem. Fear because of this vicious cycle of nothing changing. Everything goes back to what it was before. Freedom is attained and then lost. Ceiling kiss symbol of pride, breaking free; came back down=coming back down to earth and they die. PRIDE BEFORE FALL. Ceiling kiss symbol of reaching their potential as individuals and future possibility for others + the society as a whole. If anyone remembers it could start rebellion. BUT that will never happen because of the earpieces! Harrison was special. “I forgot” –Hazel, after crying. Harrison’s mom forgot that he died!!! Her own son! Laramie Project 10 years later- everyone forgot what happened. Dramatic irony – we remember Harrison but the people don’t “Gee that one was a doozy” – repetition – this has happened before but no one remembers. “Forget sad things” “I always do” This kind of thing seems to happen all the time in this society but no one remembers so despite these revolutions nothing changes. Characters limit their individuality because of government control! The only ones who aren’t controlled are Hazel and the Handicapper General. P. 120 “Only” FRUSTRATION AT THE END IS BECAUSE A COMES BACK TO A AND EVERYTHING STAYS THE SAME! Hubris of Harrison, paragraph 1 page 24 declares himself to be emperor. Is he a tragic hero? Handicap general doesn’t have a handicap – irony! This was written in 1960s when equality and fear of communism were big themes. PRO TIP: process your notes every night and pull out important things.

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