Friday, January 13, 2017

European Literature Notes 1/13/17

Read Chapters 4-10 of Jane Eyre

Vocabulary (Chapters 1-10) and Reading Quizzes on Tuesday

Pay Attention to How Bronte makes you feel what she makes you feel.

Honors Notes 1/13/17

Class Notes: 1/13/17:  
-       Complete: Comma II + III
-       Know nuts and bolts of Siegfried (next myth in the packet, not sure if this is how you spell it - Luzia)
 Difference between Clause and Phrase: Clause has a predicate and a subject
                                                                       Phrase lacks either one

Conjunction words: and, or, if, but, then, so
Types of sentences:
-       Simple
-       Complex
-       Compound
-       Compound Complex

Questions Stewie asks in the College Bowl:
-       Who is the god that over comes Uranus?
-       How does gnothi seaton, early psychology, and anthropomorphic fit together?
o   Gods personified human boundaries that we self imposed 

Gnothi SEEton how good my puns are
MEMEden Agan

Mans reach should exceed his grasp, or else why would we have a heaven?”
- Robert Browning

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Honors 9 Notes 1/12/17

Class Notes: 1/12/17
-       Complete: Comma 1+2
-       Know nuts and bolts of Heracles

  (Luzia thinks taking notes on every little thing said in the college bowl is pointless, as you can probably answer all the questions just by reading the myth, but if we get to anything that is not empirical (main themes, symbolism, or any other literary devices) I will take extra thorough notes. Sorry!)

There is currently a brief pause in the lesson so I’m going to type out my favorite joke:

A horse walks into a bar and says to the bartender “can I have a drink?” The Bartender says “are you an alcoholic?” and the horse says “I think not!” and POOF he disappears!
Now at this point in time all the philosophy students in the class start giggling because they are familiar with “cognito ergo sum” or “I think therefore I am”
But to explain this concept a forehand would have been putting DesCARTES before the horse

Questions Stewart asks during the college bowl:

-       Hera tried to kill Heracles how?
-       How does Heracles deal with the two snakes?
-       Why does Hera want him dead?
-       Why does Heracles’s latin name miss the poignancy
o   Because he’s the son of Zeus who is married to Hera, and is a living embarrassment to her
-       What teacher did Heracles not like?
-       What did he knock Linus dead with?
-       How long did he have to complete the labors?
-       What is the problem in doing the first labor?
-       What did Prometheus have to wear? And Why?
-       What did Prometheus do for mankind?
o   Fire: what does it symbolize
Light, knowledge, wisdom, power, imagination, creativity, warmth- better the symbol the more possibilities it leaves open to interpretation
-       What is the name of the underworld?
-       What are the twelve labors?
-       What’s the name of the three headed dog?
-       What’s the channel named that he created?
-       In that labor, who tries to help, and then Heracles shoots her?
-       Explain what is funny about the god sends Heracles to be a slave to another god?
-       Why does Queen Ophalia free him?

Euro Lit Notes 1/12/17

Important information in red
Student commentary in blue
Notes in black
Vocabulary in green

Pick up Jane Eyre reading schedule. Chapters 1-3 for 1/13. Quiz tomorrow.
No school next Monday. Vocab quiz on Chapters 1-9. Possible second quiz on Chapters 4-10
Read the vocab list before you do the reading.  Try to incorporate the vocabulary into your own writing.

 Background Information

The novel became a big literary form during the Romantic Period.
There will be a voluntary, impromptu essay for Jane Eyre. 
"Cultivate our Garden" is stoical realism.
 Romantics were idealists. 
French Revolution took place during the Romantic Period

Essay Notes

Charlotte Bronte is more than a Romantic Period writer
The object correlative is a way of eliciting emotion in in the reader by using objective things to convey the emotion to the reader.
Motifs are phrases or images that are repeated throughout the work. 
Jane Eyre is a bildungsroman, written in a detached first person
Symbolism is everywhere
Five settings will be symbolic

Romantic Poetry College Bowl Part II!

Romantic thought feeds into existentialist philosophy
Romantic thought seems to suppose that nature is subservient to humanity. It could also be viewed as a dominance of humans over the earth or a fruitful partnerships between humans and nature.  
The pattern of succession from Uranus to Cronus is exemplified in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Romantic thought asks when did we become separated from nature? 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Honors 9 Assignment 1/11/17

Complete the Capitalization Review

Read "Heracles" and know Nuts and Bolts

Euro Lit Notes 1/11/17

Important notes in red
Student commentary in blue
College words in green
Notes in black

Homework tonight: finish Romantic Poetry study guide 
We'll start reading Jane Eyre next Thursday. Expect to multitask with art and architecture.
There will be two vocabulary quizzes during Jane Eyre

"Cultivate our Garden" Discussion

Candide's paradigm changed. He changed his paradigm because of everything that happened to him. He changed his paradigm with great difficulty. Voltaire had Candide change his paradigm in that way because he wants us to abandon paradigm thinking and do something about all of the evil in the world.
St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas were two of the premier philosophers of the Medieval Age.
The Medieval Era of philosophy was concerned with human agency and the problem of evil.
Crash Course Philosophy did several videos on answers to the problem of evil. If you're interested in some of the arguments in the discussion, that is a good place to start. An argument regarding how evil and an omnipotent, omniscient, all loving God could coexist is called a "theodicy." 

Romantic Poetry College Bowl

"Taciturn" means quiet and shy.
"Tantamount" means short of, next to. 
Romantic poetry is paradoxical in that it is written for an audience that is holed up in dusty old libraries, telling them to get outside. 
Enjoyment of poetry lies in abiding in it and enjoying it. If you are disliking reading something, whether poetry, a novel, a play, or an essay, try reading it once as you would if you were going to read it for pleasure or engagement. Then read it a second time to answer the questions.
"Kubla Khan" was written due to an opium-induced dream.
Protagoras said "Man is the measure of all things."
Romanticism is a reversal of the above statement: "Nature measures man" 
How does nature measure man?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Euro Lit Notes 1/10/17

Important stuff in red
Student commentary in blue
Notes in black

On the study guide, title the poem and then number the questions. Full Monty optional
Study guide for "The Tables Turned," "Kubla Khan," "She Walks in Beauty," "The Cloud" due tomorrow while the others are due on Thursday

Romantic Period Introduction

Romantic Period is predominantly Hobbesian.
Only fifty years long but the most important literary period.
After Candide, we'll read Jane Eyre, then Damien,
Romantic artists dealt with ideals and possibilities. Democracy and the individual are the primary focus. Poetry is huge in the Romantic Period. Short stories (from Edgar Allen Poe in the United States) and the novel come along. 
The Industrial Revolution reinforced the idea that society was evil.
Romanticism was focused with the extraordinary.
Idealization of women would influence Carl Gustav Jung's archetypal psychology. 
Damien is Neo-Romantic

Candide Chapter 30

 At the beginning of the chapter, all of the members of the party are unhappy. 
Candide learns from the old man that in order to have the best of all possible worlds, he has to work to make it better. If he does nothing, things will never get any better.
Voltaire is Aristotelian, positing that happiness is to be found in an activity, rather than a destination.
Voltaire is trying to get his readers to abandon the notion of stoical optimism so that they might try to improve their world through work.
Bertrand Russel says the opposite, that happiness does not in fact lie in work but in leisure time.
Voltaire thinks that it doesn't matter what philosophy one holds so long as they work to improve the world.
Candide becomes a man when he begins to improve himself.

Candide Discussion

The main takeaway from the novel that Voltaire wants us to get is that because we are conscious of the evil going on in the world, we have a moral duty to work to improve it. 
To cultivate our garden means to improve ourselves through physical and mental exercise.
The use of the word "our" is meant to shift the focus from the individual to the society. 

Honors 9 Notes 1/10/17

1/10/17: Class Notes

Eight Parts of Speech: Noun, Adjective, Adverb, Verb, Conjunction, pronoun, punctuation, interjections, preposition   

College Bowl: Theseus
                                                Central Theme:

Symbolism- The white/black flag
-       Black: Darkness, fear, danger, night, vulnerable, space, unknown, blind, mourning, evil
-       White:

Theseus displays Homeric pattern: After Theseus accomplished his goals he got so caught up in his pride he forgot to pay the price
Advice from the Seagull: Use your enemies size against them- Use their advantage to your advantage