Friday, April 7, 2017

Harrison Bergeron Disscusion 4/7

Dystopia- a genre of literature where a utopia goes wrong and becomes a hell hole. Harrison is a dystopian short story

How did you feel: "That was a doozy" (124). feels bad for Hazel and really sad. Feels bad because Harrison and the ballerina tried to change society and were killed. Feels bad because hazel-Harrison's mom-can't even remember that Harrison dies. We feel mad. We also feel afraid that our society will become like 2081 if we stop self surpassing and competing.

dance-striving to be the best and then shot down by society. CRAB BUCKET!!!! Harrison tried to get out of the bucket and Diana brought him back down.
ten gauge shot gun- makes really big hole

It's not possible to be completely equal. When society tries it doesn't work. When you're forced into conformity bad things happen.

Freedom vs. Happiness!!!!! Harrison was free but George is happy. Ignorance is bliss!!!!!! "forget sad things"

Protagonist: Harrison Bergeron
External Conflict: To break out of the herd "Now watch me become what I can become" (123). (You nailed it first time. you go girl!) Harrison wants to break out of the conformity that society has placed upon him. (Good job, Natalie! Cheating is fine if it ends well!)
Harrison does not want to conform to the society
Quote to prove- "Ballerinas, techneitians,
Instead of doing what the government wanted him to do, and not conform to what the government
Harrison was striving for excellence(arete) but he had too much hubris in believing that he could be the emporer which cause his downfall. 
External conflict resolution: When Harrison is shot-unsuccessful "Were dead before they hit the floor" (124).
Mr. Stewart was being Diana Moon Glampers because he has handicapped all of you. (He's so mean)
Equal opportunity vs. equal ability!!!!! (Ya'll got that quickly! I'm pumped just writing this.)

Honors Homework 4/7

Reread Harrison Bergeron, mark the text, and look for key nuts and bolts. Write another question about a key nut or bolt and explain how it relates to the theme. Also find quotations for the homeric pattern.

Euro Lit Homework 4/7

Read chapters 10-14 of Candide Review for 50 point quiz on chapters 1-12. You may use notes.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Honors Homework 4/6

 Read Harrison. know nuts and bolts. Mark the text. Come up with 1 question about the key nuts and bolts and answer it

Bootcamp Notes and Harrison day one discussion

                                                                 Bootcamp notes
Why does the author has this happen?
Style- the unique writer’s voice
Always use MLA style
Good title= bonus points
Can get bonus points for beautiful thesis statement
Main reason= 7 points (Can get up to 12 pnts)
“Use quotations” (Stewart).
You can get ALL of the bonus points!
Can bring thesis statement
Can’t bring notes
Do an outline the night before. No, seriously, do it.
Copy the outline paper!
Look back at previous works so you don’t make the same mistakes
Again, do the rough draft the night before!
Takes the 3 highest scores
Three reasons (Lit Ds) in thesis statement
Genre in thesis statement for 8 pnts
“By” is your best friend
reason in topic sentence
Talk in the discussions-to each other not to stewart (50 pnts)
40/50 points if not active in convo
Stewart’s not part of the discussion-except for when he facilitates
Help your classmates
Paraphrase your classmates
You’re all one big brain. You’re all in this together. (go wildcats)
                                                             Harrison Bergeron
A comes back to A:
What changed-Harrison dies. Society changes briefly and then goes back. Will anyone remember?
Is anything really equal? Handicaps make it so that people can see who is better. Is anyone really equal? System doesn’t make sense. Ballerina is an example. No one knows that she is really pretty because she s forced to wear a mask that makes her hideous.
Emperor vs king? If harrison is so smart he should know the difference.
Equality- treating people the same vs. being the same. Why did the mentality change between “dark ages” and 2081 Dark ages now?
Competition “back to the dark ages with everyone competing” (p.20). (look at that MLA formatting for that quotation)

Protagonist- Harrison Bergeron
Antagonist- government?
Setting: Why does the year matter? Why 2081? DYSTOPIAN future. Utopia-no place

Symbols-Metal handicaps- CRAB BUCKET!!!! Bring the smart people down Now we celebrate people for their uniqueness. In 2081, they bring them back down to the crab bucket. There’s no competition. Competition is necessary. Makes everyone want to do the best. Vonnegut says that you need competition because in 2081 there is no competition and there are problems! (example:ballerina)

Euro Lit Homework 4/6

 Read chapters 5-9 Candide

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

EuroLit 4/5/17

Homework: Read Candide - chapters 1-4

Written reports for Chapters 1-4 due Thursday

Honors 9 4/5/17

Homework: Read "Harrison Bergeron"