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Read Friendship and ask yourself: "How does it make you feel?"
Re-read Friendship and do A comes back to A analysis

Thursday, April 13, 2017

HB discussion 4/13

-Write entire essay using flowchart. Write it in 50 minutes, just like you will tomorrow.
-You may not complete the whole essay in the time given and thats ok.
-You need to decide what literary devices you will use in your essay tonight.
This essay will be written in a flowchart form

The thesis and topic statements should only be one sentence. If they are two sentences you will use point
Theme- Do not confuse equal opportunity with equal ability
everything in your essay should relate back to this theme.

Know the quotations that you will be using for each of the paragraphs you will be using them in. A helpful thing to do is to use a different highlighter for each literary device you are going to do.

You can use the blog notes for your rough draft and also put them on your story so that you can remember them.
Example of something important to highlight is: “You don’t want us to compete against one another do you” which dramatic irony because that is exactly what Vonnegut wants us to do.

“Perfectly average intelligence” is also dramatically ironic because Vonnegut does not actually believe Hazel’s intelligence is perfectly average.

Essay should be MLA format, double spaced, with name and page number in the far right corner. ( There is a google document that is already set up like this)
-The format should look the one on the white sheet Mr. Stewart gave to you.

-You always need to have a transition sentence in between
“To begin, Vonnegut uses plot to convey the theme...”
“Along with plot Vonnegut uses symbolism...”

You need to have a reason to every
An example of this is:
Plot- “Vonnegut uses the theme do not confuse equal opportunity with equal ability is convey by having a society in 2081 do just that, causing young people to be shot by a 20 gauge shot gun.”

Character- (a really good literary device)

-Do not talk about the a comes back to a

Vonnegut uses character to convey the theme do not convey equal opportunity with equal ability by...

An example of a Homeric Hero analysis:

Harrison strives for excellence and “become all that he can become”  and pulled himself out of the bucket of crabs and strive for excellence.
But those who strive for excellence usually go to far, just as HArrison did when he “snatched” and “slammed” the people...
...ironically Harrison brings himself down with his hubris and goes to far by snatching and slamming them down and pays for it with his nemesis where he “fell to the ground.”

Harrison is alive in the beginning of the story but is dead in the end, why?

Diana Moon Glampers confuses equal opportunity with equal ability

ironically Harrison brings himself down by not controlling his hubris.
What changes is that he is striving for excellence 

Analyze the plot. Use (by name) sub devices in order. Protagonist vs antagonist and the external and internal conflicts.  Then use complications in rising and falling action. Climax (internal conflict resolution)
and denouement.

Take away the freedom of being able to become all they can be and therefore have society be a hellhole. The protagonist harrison is trying to become all he can be and is struggling against Diana moon glampers. This is ironic because society needs strong people. It is set in 2081 to show that if we have this confusion we will have a hellhole. Furthermore America because land of free, irony. They aren’t brave because “forget sad things”.  Furthermore, it is set in spring because things come out of dormancy and life lives. “things still weren’t normal” even though 213 amendments which is satirical overstatement which shows that it is human nature that people compete. The int con is that H can avoid having hubris. Te comp in rising is that he is in jail, DMG is censoring him, and ironically, his parents are against him. It’s ironic that HB is Hazel’s son. Because “who knows better than I do what normal is” when Hazel has an abnormal son.
The parents want HB to be ignorant and happy. HB is unable to control his hubris
and is dead before he hits the floor. The denouement is really important. The parents, ironically, can’t remember HB being dead. Even more ironic is that they do not have the opportunity to remember. Also, George does it to himself by drinking beer. Even more ironic, they would have also pulled the trigger. After all, hazel says that she would make a good handicapper general and George says forget sad things proving that they would pull the trigger. The big picture is freedom vs. happiness. In one word, this story is conformity. With form. Uniformity. One form. Everyone is the same. Theseus and procrustes. The society is procrustean. Freedom comes with responsibility. We would rather be blissfully ignorant. “it’s just part of me” (120) George gave up. He’s blissfully happy.

Uses a lot of verbal irony. “perfectly average”. It’s a scary atmosphere. Vonnegut is funny.  “gee i could tell that one was a doozy” they’re laughing and their son got murdered 20 seconds earlier.


denotative level and connotative level. 213 amendments are a societal symbol. The handicaps are a personal symbol. Harrison’s height as well. He literally stands above society. Harrison is a symbol for the individual also for freedom and self surpassing, also having too much hubris. All of the characters are symbols. Why a ballerina? Because they’re graceful. The handicaps, beer, TV, 213 amendments, april, TV burning out, Hazel crying, the ten gauge shot gun are examples.

Irony- ( do not have to use, but will earn you more points the better way you use it)
If you use this as a developing idea then you must incorporate it throughout you whole entire essay.

No verbal irony unless you use POV almost all situational. It’s sit ironic that they can’t remember HB and that they’d pull the trigger, that George dumbs himself down with beer, and the TV, that HB brings himself down with his hubris. It’s sit ironic that HB is Hazel’s son. Dramatic is “perfectly average” and “you wouldn’t want that would you”.


Critical analysis- is competition always good? You can agree or disagree or do both but you can’t just give opinions. Analyze examples.

Feeling analysis- analyze the way you feel, sad, mad and scared. HB being murdered is sad. Mad because society made it this way. We’re scared because we’re George. We can’t handle complete freedom. We wear clothes.

Comparison- Theseus and Procrustes. Daedalus and Icarus

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Euro Lit Homework:

Read: Ch's 20-25 Candide

Honors 9 Homework:

Pre-write: Essay
Bring in thesis statement and topic statements

HB Discussion 4/12

Always ask the question why! In every situation ask why the author has that happen.

Sub-theme: Do not aid society in holding you down because of having too much hubris
 (The denouement is always really important to the theme)


You can either do the A comes back to A analysis or the Homeric hero analysis (or both)

Do not aid society in holding you down because of having too much hubris
 George is a FOIL


When the government blacks out the TV so that they can hide the dark aspects of life from society.

The significance of hazel crying at the beginning and the end of the story is that maybe someone else tried to break the bonds the government had over society, and they too were killed because of it.

Everything in Harrison Bergeron is ironic because it is a Satire short story.
What is ironic about Hazel saying that she would make a good handicap general?

Hazel has perfectly average intelligence, which is ironic because she does not have any handicaps, so she is the lowest standard that everyone is brought down to. Hazel can only remember things “in short bursts”

Handicaps are ironic, because they don’t actually make people equal. George could tell the ballerina was beautiful because the mask she wore was “extraordinarily beautiful” (121)
Also, Harrison (who symbolizes the individual) has the most handicaps and everyone knows that he’s really strong.

Hazel never had the ability to be anything. George doesn’t have the opportunity to become anything. Society controls everything.

You can get soooooo many points. (so many) But don’t write too much or you’ll run out of time.
The reason for plot is always that whatever happens is the theme. Use the word by.

Protagonist: Harrison (individual)
Antagonist: Society

Setting: 2081 near future in order to be afraid. It shows that it has the potential to happen. America-land of the free if the US can become a hellhole, that’s super ironic. Also April. Life springs back in April.

Exposition: Harrison was taken away. His parents don’t approve of his goal. 213 amendments were passed. (that’s a lot.) That’s overstatement. Even though there are all of these amendments, things still aren’t right because it is human nature to compete.

Ext. Con: Can Harrison become all he can become

Int. Con: Can he overcome his hubris

Comp. in Rising Action: Parents, (that’s ironic) jail, and himself. (that’s the biggest complication)

Climax: When he snatches and slams

Comp. in falling action: None

English 9 Honors Homework

Re-read Harrison Bergeron
Pre-write character, plot, and conclusion paragraph

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Harrison discussion 4/11

Crab bucket vs herd
Crab bucket-jealous people bring you down
herd mentality-bring yourself down
Does George bring himself down? Yes. Because he grabs beer. Also, Harrison tried to break out and nothing happened. When society is suppressed, it will begin to suppress itself.
Why does society hold the people it needs to progress back?
A to A
What changes: Harrison dies
What makes it Change: Diana Moon Glampers (society)
In what way: Harrison had hubris
Why does it change that way:
Homeric pattern:
Arate: “now watch me become what I can”
Hubris: “I am a greater ruler than any man” (123).
Ate: “Not only were the laws of the land abandoned” (124). “snatched...slammed” (123)
Nemesis: “They were dead before they hit the floor” (124)
Why is Harrisom seven feet tall? The individual is what makes society. Procrustes
Dystopian satire (put those words in and you get all of the points!)
Satire is making fun of or ridiculing some aspect of society and/or human behavior with the intent to improve. Satire uses irony. Also over and understatement are used. Irony is the opposite of what we expect. Verbal, (you look so nice today) situational, (Michael phelps dies in his swimming pool) and DRAMATIC IRONY (when the audience knows something that one or more characters do not. I have nightmares about this definition) In prose dramatic irony is when a character does or says something that is opposite of what the author intends. Find the irony in HB. Everything is ironic in a satire. (To get points you can use all of the lit devices ironically)
“you wouldn’t like that, would you?” Does Vonnegut want it? HELL YES (dramatic irony)
The author is trying to warn us to not confuse equal ability over equal opportunity THAT IS THE THEME! (Leave the children behind! imagine Stewart as a kindergarten teacher...)
Hazel is really dumb. “you just set around” (121). hazel doesn’t speak properly because she’s stupid.
(1200 When Hazel says “I would make a good handicap general.” and to that the narrator says that Hazel bears some resemblance to the handicap general.
Why does the narrator say this?
George and Hazel would have pulled the trigger, killing Harrison just like Diana Moon Glampers did. Your parents just like Hazel and George, will hold you back from your full potential because they are afraid of the change it will bring.
Third person omniscient (omni meaning everything)
When it is third person omniscient, whatever the author gives you is reliable.
External conflict: Can he become all he can become
Internal conflict: Will he control his hubris

Honors Homework 4/11

Re read Harrison Bergeron, organize your notes, and begin to pre-think your essay

Monday, April 10, 2017

Euro Lit Homework

Read: Ch's 15-17 of Candide

Harrison Discussion 4/10

Harrison Bergeron

Theme= equal oppertunity vs equal ability
equal oppertunity is different than equal ability?
Equality isn’t equal ability
Less compition makes it harder to figure things out
“If I try to get away with it’ ‘...Dark ages...’” (121).
Society will thrive with competition
Handicap society is a stagnent society
Hazel doesn’t have a handicap
“There were tears on hazel’s cheeks...”(119)
She forgets everything
She cries at the end and beginning
SHe might’ve seen something else bad happen
Something similar
Is everyone trying to break out of the crab bucket?
What is Harrison a symbol of?
Humanity passing itself
Crab Bucket/ herd mentality
Why do we have herd mentality?
So we can drag each other down to rise ourselves up
“Like something the cat dragged in” (119) That’s why there’s a crab bucket. So that people don’t feel bad.
evolutionary reason for herd mentality-survival If the sheep get out of the herd the sheep get eaten. But we aren’t sheep. We’re people. Don’t be sheep. We need to self surpass instead.

April “some things about living weren’t quite right April for instance still drove people crazy...”
April is the cruelest month-T.S. Eliot
Why is is set in April?-FIGURE IT OUT

“perfectly average” (119). Average is perfect in this society. If you restrict ability everyone will be like Hazel. They’re bringing everyone down to the lowest common denominator

“forget sad things” freedom vs happiness. Why doesn’t George remember Harrison death? Handicaps and he grabbed a beer.
Beer is a symbol for choosing to forget sad things. forgetting things with substance. IGNORANCE!
The TV is another symbol. It is another way to dumb ourselves down. Government uses TV to control. Everyone watches the TV-it can be used to control and frighten. BRAINWASHING control how people think. You’re watching big brother. (Monsanto is killing us all) tv=boob tube (boob as in ignorant person)
everyone conforms. We still wear clothes (Well, I don’t)

Honors Homework 4/10

Re read Harrison Bergeron. Organize your notes. Begin to pre-think your essay