Wednesday, June 14, 2017


For the test:
Know all the characters and what they exactly they do throughout the book

Ending sad because they cause all of these problems and then they were just saved, and only then did they realize that what they did was wrong.
It can relate to real life where we make bad decisions and only when its over do we realize what we did was bad.

Kinda funny how the ending as so abrupt. They went form chasing people through the woods and trying to kill Ralph, to seeing a ship and crying.

Kinda like the episode of Twilight zone where everyone was trying to kill each other because they thought they were bombed, and then realizing that it was just a satellite.
Ironic because by burning down the forest to find Ralph attracted the ship that saved them.
We only get our shit together when we are on the brink of catastrophe.

They killed Simon, but they kept lying to themselves that Simon’s body is the monster and they have finally killed it.
- Jack is the person that instills the fear of the beast, allowing him to gain control of the group through their fear. Jack maintains his leadership through giving them immediate gratification.

The naval officer that found the boy was very astonished by the boys when he saw them. He at first though that they were playing a game of war, but then realizes that they were not playing but were at war with their savage nature. 
“ He staggered to his feet...”(200)

We all allow our fear of the unknown to control us, bringing out our savage nature, leading us to the brink of catastrophe.
We all need to gnothi seaton(know ourselves) so that we are able to overcome our human nature and be able to be the self-surpassing humans that we are meant to be. But if we do not known ourselves and know our fears, we will allow our savage nature to overcome and bring us even closer to chaos and destruction.

- We are all at war with ourselves, and we need to overcome our human nature so that we can be self-surpassing and so that we can make the world around a better place


Naval Officer- He symbolizes an extraterrestrial of the island. He is there to save the boys from the island and also from their savage nature.
- In real life an extraterrestrial/god will not be coming down to save us from our human nature and our id. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lord of the flies 6/13

The beast is the animalistic side in all of the boys ID
fear/fear of unknown. They don’t know themselves
Gnothi Seaton
Strangeworth needed to know herself in order to overcome her id.
Ralph is symbolic of humanity because he is the decision maker/ego
Ralph’s int Con Question: Can he overcome the Id/beast
Symbol for id: beast
Boys represent society
human nature: Jack because he doesn’t use information id
jack wants power so they can have fun. Ralph wants to have deferred gratification and get rescued. freedom vs. happiness
Simon- herd mentality? No. Opposite. Goes off by himself. Individual.
“What are grownups going to think” Piggy sounds like a parent. he is the superego.
“came from the beach... conch... fire” If ralph blows conch and no one comes is he the leader: Not really. If he doesn’t: Only leader in name
Gets boys back together. What does he want them to do: Build a fire to get rescued
“bitten down to the quick” he’s nervous. He is a child
sea is the barrier between them and civilization
parachute drives the fear also outside world is still out there
“We couldn’t kill it...conch...coward...jack mad” Why does jack leave? They still want Ralph
Symbolism of gift for the darkness: darkness is id. darkness can also be fear
jack is the beast
Simon- has epilepsy
Fire symbolic-knowledge
Double edged stick
fancy thinking the beast was something you could kill. I’m the reason it’s no go. The pigs head is the id.

Euro lit notes 3/10

Existentialism: The philosophy based on the idea that man’s existence precedes essence
Mind body dualism is essential to understanding existentialism
bracketing is the act of designating something invaluable to oneself
The specific experience of one person is the universal experience of humanity in existentialism
The anguish of Abraham is a term referring to commitment and the anguish that comes with committing oneself to a decision
existentialism proposes that what is good for one person to do is good for all mankind
That’s very non aristotelian
Why am i ere? is the existential question
Where did I come from
What happens after I die?
The golden questions
Existentialism thinks that we need to do more than just be authentic by act on our authenticity
Existentialism rejects logic and reasoning as the only way to understand the world
Søren Kierkegaard was a christian existentialist who wrote about the “leap of faith”
Fear and Trembling by Søren keirkegaard
Existentialist think that we create value rather than there being things that value Nihilist philosophy says that there is nothing of value
man is self surpassing
If being human means suffering, what happens if/when we surpass suffering
Existentialists defies categorization
So, existentialists are also hipsters? haha!
man wants to be as solid as an object

Euro lit notes 3/9

Dying vs. Death
dying is the process of coming to approach and face death
Death is whatever comes after this life, whether noting or an afterlife
Escape form Freedom y Erich Fromm
Ivan Ilych hates that everyone is pretending that he will get better
From an existential therapy standpoint, we each have an eigenwelt and we can connect with others, creating a mitwelt, through love.
Alfred Prufrock is indecisive, so he is true to himself, but he doesn’t have integrity
So, re we supposed to be true to ourselves if we are indecisive or are we to e decisive if it is not true to ourselves?
J. Alfred Prufrock is trying to get up the guts to ask a girl out.

Euro lit notes 3/8

Ivan Ilych is a story about alienation: Ivan Ilych becomes alienated from himself and his own life by the herd mentality.
Others treat Ivan like an object rather than a human. “inauthentically”
Stream of consciousness is a writing style where the writing acts as a conduit to express one’s thoughts. It’s messy.
The varieties of religious experience by William James
the herd=the participation mystique
The children in Ivan Ilych are not steeped in the participation mystique; they are more authentic than the adults.
None of the funeral goers showed compassion for Ivan or realized that they are going to die too
Ivan didn’t marry out of love, but out of societal expectations.
Remember Candide and Cunegonde?
Ivan took the easy way, which is the way that the participation mystique chose for him
Ivan doesn’t have an authentic life. He tries to keep up with appearances. Ivan dies from trying to keep up with appearances.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Do the boys need Piggy?
Apparently not
But they might not realize that they need him

Didactic allegory
Everything is symbolic
Conch= power/ authority
Boys= society
painted faces=persona
Why boys?
Patriarchy society
microcosms of society
Why boys of this age?
Old enough to have to have conditioning
not old enough to be stripped down from more time on island
Taboo= unwritten law
behave= positive reenforcement
don’t behave= neg reinforcement
Bell= food
Bell makes dog excited
dog was conditioned
Why are they on the island?
What is the significance of a persona
People can do stuff they wouldn’t normally do
Scarier than Jack