Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Today's assignment for EuroLit:

  • Review for the Existentialism essay!
Today's assignment for English 9 Honors:

  • Read "The Lord of the Flies" chapters 10-12.
"The Lord of the Flies" Notes
  • The final, for 210 points will consist of:
    • 10 items of matching characters
    • 20 multiple choice questions on the nuts and bolts of the novel.
  • We see the relationship between the boys fall apart even more, working against their chances of rescue.
  • The boys are not taking very good care of the six-year olds, even joking about killing them.
    • The boys are becoming more and more separated from the civilization they came from, and taking a more "every man for themselves" mentality.
  • Ralph says that he will "'be sucking my thumb next.'", indicating that he is under stress, foreshadowing an issue he will encounter in the future, and how he is becoming more instinctive due to nervousness and stress.
    • Ralph is subconsciously allowing himself to be controlled by his fear.
    • Ralph is reverting back to a more infantile stage.
    • Golding has included this segment in the novel to remind us that we have descended from animals, and showing how imperfect humanity can be by nature.
    • Ralph has the self-consciousness to realize that he is reverting back into an infantile mentality.
  • Golding makes the boys young so that the veneer of civilization that the boys are conditioned into is thin and peels away easily, making the boys more barbaric.
  • Jack's leadership creates rituals, making the boy assume a persona and conform to the herd mentality of the hunters.
  • Ralph is symbolic of the ego, the part of our minds that makes decisions.
  • The Id (Jack) is the oldest, most animalistic part of ourselves that wants immediate gratification and will kill in order to get that gratification.
  • The Superego is the part of us that tells us what we should not do, represented by Piggy.
  • The Sea is symbolic of the barrier between the boys and civilization.
  • Simon is symbolic of our logical sides, searching for the truth in our beliefs.
    • Simon is different, and sort of "batty".
    • Simon has probably been called batty before.
  • Jack makes the boys follow him out of fear for punishment, as well as his promises of fun and meat.
  • The parachutist landing on the island serves as a projection of the boy's fear, particularly the fear of the unknown.
    • Additionally, it reminds readers that the outside world exists, and that there is probably a war going on currently.
  • Jack challenges Ralph's authority because Jack has been insulted, and Jack leaves the group of boys. "Now we've really got the beast, though."(126)
  • The boys leave a gift for the beast, the pig's head.
  • Jack now serves the role a the beast, being capable of doing something that will terrorize the group of boys.
  • Jack tells Roger to sharpen the stick at both ends. "The forest was very still... They listened... They looked suddenly furtive... 'This head if for the beast. It's a gift.'" (137)
  • "'Run away,' said the head silently..." "The Lord of the Flies hung on his stick and grinned... His gaze was held by that ancient and inescapable recognition" of evil.
  • Ralph admits to Piggy that sometimes, even he does not maintain the fire.
  • "What makes things break up like this?" 
    • If we let ourselves succumb to our own human nature like Jack, then society will break into chaos as we think only of ourselves and our pleasure.
  • Jack "was safe from shame or self-consciousness behind his mask..."
  • "The group of boys looked at the white shell in affectionate respect... He turned towards the platform, feeling the need for ritual..."
  • "You knew, didn't you? I'm part of you... I'm the reason it's no go..."
  • Simon is epileptic, making him different from others, not of the herd since childhood.
    • Simon has already seen his own death, knowing that he will not survive until Ralph and the other boys are rescued.
  • The 'chutist eventually winds up going back to the sea, and Simon does as well.
  • During Jack's tribe's dance, Simon breaks out of the forest into their formation, being chased by the boys who now see him as prey.
    • "Simon's dead body moved out towards the open sea..."
    • The boys were so caught up in their own personas former in the ritual that they both knew and yet did not know they were chasing Simon.

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