Thursday, June 7, 2018

Today's assignment for EuroLit:

  • Nothingness
Toady's assignment for English 9 Honors:

  • Study for the 210pt test on "The Lord of the Flies"

  • Remember to read the afterword.

    • "The Lord of the Flies" Notes
      • We feel the fear of Ralph during the chase.
      • Golding is trying to say that human nature is controlled by herd mentality, fear, and instinct despite our formation of civilization.
      • There are many ways of approaching literature analysis, from feminist to post-colonialist to Marxist. We use the New-school approach.
      • Golding is trying to tell us what makes things go wrong.
        • The ancient, unknowable part of ourselves.
        • Golding wants us to know ourselves, and know of our possibility of evil.
        • "In front of Simon, the Lord of the Flies hung on his stick... His gaze was held by that ancient and unescapable recognition..."
      • If the island was made up of only girls, would the same things happen?
        • We are all humans, we all have a dark side and that dark side could show regardless of our gender.
        • Golding believes that we all have the id.
      • The book was first published in 1956, and men held much more power over the world.
      • We question how likely the events in the story are in a real situation.
      • Freud says that we have a "Thanatos drive" within us, that we just like to do evil things.
      • Piggy dies and the conch is broken, destroying the boy's order.
      • "Roger looked at him bravely... Roger edged past the chief, only just avoiding pushing him with his shoulder..."
        • Roger likes to inflict pain on others; he is a sadist.
      • Ralph is the better leader, because he knows his weaknesses and listens to others.
        • It's possible that neither Ralph nor Jack are better leaders, because Piggy gives the ideas that Ralph uses in his leadership.
        • What makes a leader?
        • Ralph has more boys in the beginning. They still have the hope of getting off the island, they still have the veneer of civilization, Ralph represents a more civilized leadership, and he acts on the good ideas of others.
        • Ralph may never have had the boys truly following him, as he lacked the ability to truly hold the boy's loyalty and had to incorporate Jack's desires into the society even at the cost of order.
        • Ralph gives the boys hope, but hope doesn't fill bellies. Jack gives the boys meat and food.
        • The boys follow Jack in the end because he provides food, fun, fear of being attacked, rituals, and happiness.
        • Perhaps combining aspects of all the boys and their ideas would create an ideal form of leadership, if they work in harmony and balance.
        • Jack could be the best leader, because he gives the boy the only way to survive.
      • We cannot demonize the aspects of ourselves, as we need them all in life.

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