Thursday, February 1, 2018

Honors 9 A- Bring Student ID, Study for parts of speech quiz on Monday, Honors 9 B- Re Read "The Possibility of Evil", Read Jackson Biography "The Lottery"
Oedipus- is vicariously symbolic of humanity - Does not think clearly while he thinks rashly - He is a hero because soon he will have his moment of anagnosis Page 16: “Certainly but show me a man who can force the hand of heaven” Oedipus o This represents the paradox of pre determination vs. happiness - We can’t control everything, but we control is our emotions, with our reasoning “gnothi Seaton” o Should we remain stoic to outside emotions? Is this good in all situations? We control when we can reason- is this the ultimate control we have over our lives? o Some believe Sophocles believe is an existentialist- what fate is, is the sum total of our actions, which is the sum total of our decisions. Reading: 16- Oedipus wants to find a man who can control fate; the chorus thinks the next best thing is Tiresias of Apollo (Creon advised Oedipus to send for Tiresias) - Interesting that he hasn’t come twice - Interesting that Creon suggested it Oedipus sees that Oedipus is going to kill his father, and he and the woman he loves most are wrapped in sin In this play we have a blind seer, but while Oedipus has his eyes he is blind to the truth, and when he sees the truth he blinds himself - Because of his Anger Oedipus believes that Creon is trying to take the throne (he is thinking rashly) o We are our own worst enemy- This fits together with freedom vs. happiness, we hold ourselves because of our herd mentality, we want to dumb ourselves down, we are our own worst threshold guardians o Does Sophocles understand that gods are anthropomorphic projections of ourselves? Are we our own worst enemies? • The gods represent our boundaries, (ie. Predetermination)- all in all, we control them because they are the limits we set upon ourselves - Reasoning between Creon wanting to be king, and Tiresias helping him o “what ambushed envy dogs your trail” - envy o “Oh life so pinnacled on fame” –fame ie. Immortality o “Oh wealth on sovereignty” – wealth and power - Every culture has a scape goat, every culture has this in order to renew itself, we love to successful people fall - Seers would take birds and dissect them to see what the gods want from them in their entrails. - Who are you??????? - This is our unconscious, we are Oedipus, there are dark bad things in us that we don’t want to know, you cannot repress these bad things. What Freud shows is that is we repress things we still bring them to light in mainly worse ways - If we face the truth about things, we can become self-surpassing and fix them! - Oedipus will become a hero because he will discover who he is, and he will see who he is, he will not be able to react well to this because he will act rashly – out of shame If you have gotten this far in my messy notes I commend you and hope you are having a great day!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Honors 9 B- Re Read "The Possibility of Evil", Prepare to discuss

Monday, January 29, 2018

Honors 9 B- Re Read "The Flash", Bring- Thesis Statement and Topic Sentence Outline