Friday, September 21, 2012

English 9 Notes 9/20/12

English 9 Notes 9/20/12

Homeric Pattern
1.     Arete – Striving for excellence
2.     Hubris – Excessive pride
3.     Ate – Exceeding bounds meant for you by the universe
4.     Nemesis – Price you pay for going too far
Thesis/theme: Pride comes before the fall. Daedalus falls because he has too much pride- create examples of the theme from the story, use quotes.
Daedalus had too much pride (hubris) when he envied his nephew and wanted to be better than him.
He strove to be best. He was most honored because he achieved excellence.
However, Daedalus’s arĂȘte leads him to have too much pride (hubris), for he is jealous of his nephew Talos inventing the saw before him. This (use noun here explain what your talking about. For example, use the word Jealousy) is why he tries to kill Talos by pushing him off Athene’s Temple, which is Daeduls’s act of ate—he tries to take the place of The Fates in deciding when a man dies.
Daeduls’s nemesis is when Athena with drawls her favor from him. The act of ate is why Daedalus suffers nemesis (punishment). Athene “withdrew her favor […] (1).  That was not the only punishment Daeduls suffered from. He must leave Athens. However, he pays a far higher price and suffers an even deeper fall when his son falls to his death.
2nd body paragraph- need topic sentence/ transition, refer to last paragraph for transition. Not only does Daeduls suffer nemesis for hubris, so does Queen Pasiphea, thereby helping to establish the theme of pride going before the fall. Queen Pasiphea exhibits both her arĂȘte and hubris when she says. “’[…] am I not more beautiful than Aphrodite?’”(2).  Queen Pashipea is showing that she is striving for beauty and she’s also going too far by saying that she is more beautiful than the goddess of love, Aphrodite.

Euro Lit HW 9/21/12

Read books XVI and XVII and know who is responsible for Petroclus's death.

English 9 HW 9/21/12

Read pg. 3-5 of Daedalus and analyze the homeric pattern of Icarus.

Honors 9 HW 9/21/12

Read "Theseus" and write a poem comparing Auden's poem with the myth "Daedalus".

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Euro Lit HW 9/20/12

Read books XIV and XV of Iliad.

English 9 HW 9/20/12

Read pages 3-5 of "Daedalus" and analyze the homeric pattern of Icarus.

Honors 9 HW 9/20/12

Read "Theseus".

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Honors HW 9/19/12

Read: "Heracles"

English 9 HW 9/19/12

Re-read pages 3-5 of "Daedalus". Analyze: the Homeric Pattern of Icarus.

Euro Lit HW 9/19/12

Read: Books IX and XI of Iliad

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Honors HW 9/18/12

No homework!

English 9 HW 9/18/12

Prepare for 100 point test on Daedalus!

Euro Lit HW 9/18/12

Read: Books V and VI

Monday, September 17, 2012

Honors 9 HW 9/17/12

Re-read Daedalus.

English 9 HW 9/17/12

Finish reading "Daedalus" on your own.

Euro Lit HW 9/17/12

Read book III & IV of the Iliad