Thursday, November 29, 2012

HW 11/29/12

Euro Lit: Groups 2 & 3 for Friday

English 9: Finish "Oedipus"

Honors 9: Review for quiz on poetry terms and devices

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

English 9 notes 11/28/12

English 9 Notes 11/28/12
Everything happens by chance, live care free- Queen Jocasta says this and its an act of ate. She’s also saying this to her husband, and son (dramatic irony)
Siegman Fruod did a study about conscious and unconscious states. Uncovered new part of unconscious part called super ego- all about ourselves. Also there’s ego which means “me” it is the decider. He wrote a book, he studied people with mental illnesses. He would take them into his office, with a couch, had the patient lay down so they would be comfortable, asked what seemed to be the problem. Most of them replied with their dreams, that’s what was bugging them. Came to conclusion that dreams our are way of having our unconscious speaking to us. Most dreams were about sleeping with their parents. Most patients had that dream. The dream is symbolism. You don’t actually wanna sleep with your mom or dad. Its very abstract. You just want attention from them, so unconsciously you have a dream about them in a sexual way, craving for their attention, then when somebody comes and tries to take that attention from you, you get angry and want to harm that person. Between ages of 3-5 that’s when all these conscious and unconscious parts develop. There is sibling rivalry- when the sibling gets more attention, you want to kill them, but super ego tells you no. That’s where our animal selves come in to play. We all have that animal side. We all have a death wish.
Oedipus relates back to that because in the book there is quote saying that many men have slept with their mothers.
We repress our dreams, most of the dreams we have we do not remember. When we repress things, it can lead to mental illness because you’re not recognizing it and just ignoring it and that leads to Truth frees thyself- when knowing everything about yourself, your set free.
Modern psychology says that you are not to be held responsible for your actions, but it’s the environment you were raised in that should be held responsible. 

HW 11/28/12

Euro Lit: Meditations - groups 1 & 2 for Wednesday, everybody for Thursday, groups 2 & 3 for Friday

English 9: Read "Oedipus" pg 62-69

Honors 9: Study poetry terms and devices

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

HW 11/27/12

Euro Lit: Meditations! Groups 1 and 2 for Wednesday, everybody for Thursday, and groups 3 and 4 for Friday.

English 9: Read "Oedipus" pg 62-69

Honors 9: Study poetry terms and devices

Monday, November 26, 2012

English 9 notes 11/26/12

English 9 notes

Drama: comedy or tragedy

Comedy: Funny

Tragedy: Starts out good then ends bad. Comes from greek word meaning singing of the goat

Oedipus= tragedy. Follows the tragic hero pattern: Arete, hubris, ate, nemesis. Oedipus follows this pattern. He tried to not follow the prophecy that was meant for him, pretty much trying to change his fate and there for commits ate. Find quotes that support all of those aspects. Another aspect called parapetia: by trying to avoid something, makes it come true. Theres also anagnorsis: moment of recognition, comes before nemesis. Goes along with hamartia: what makes ya breaks ya.  Almost exactly like the Homeric pattern. Also has dramatic irony: when the audience knows something that one or more of the characters on stage does not. Has abstract thinking/ symbolism. Something dark, or something about our unconscious self.

Blood Ritual or blood orgy… Took a boy and chased him and then devoured him. After that, gave his blood to the earth so they could keep reproducing. Soon substituted a goat for the boy. That’s where scapegoat comes from.

Ancient Greece was made up of city-states. They all had a yearly ritual that would take a boy and use him as a scapegoat.
Study that took baby chimps form mom and put it away from everything else. Soon withered and died and stopped eating. Took another and put a statue with fur on it with him and then that chimp died and stopped eating too. Took another and did the same thing, then that chimp became violent because it never got the love it needed.

Ancient Greeks did that to people each year for their “ritual”. They were chosen by lottery. Had basket of stone, took stone, held in hand, then at one time everyone showed stone. They would all either black then one white or all white and one black. Whoever had the wrong color stone, everyone would take their stones and throw them at that person. 

HW 11/26/12

Euro Lit: Read the handout on "Stoicism" and bring student ID for Tuesday!

English 9: Read "Oedipus" pg 34-61

Honors 9: Study poetry terms and devices