Friday, February 8, 2013

HW 2/8/13

Euro Lit: Read chapters 25-28 of Candide; write chapter reports 25-28

English 9: Work on paragraphs as needed via Google Docs

Honors 9: Re-read "Friendship"; consider "what changed?"

Thursday, February 7, 2013

HW 2/7/13

Euro Lit: Read chapters 20-24 of Candide; write chapter reports 20-24

English 9: Work on paragraphs as needed via Google Docs

Honors 9: Read "Friendship"

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

HW 2/6/13

Euro Lit: Read chapters 20-24 of Candide; write chapter reports 20-24

English 9: None

Honors 9: Pre-write thesis statement, main reasons, and conclusion paragraph in bullets

Harrison Bergeron Notes

Harrison Bergeron Notes:
HOW DO WE FEEL AT THE END OF THE STORY?       Sad, mad, scared.
Satire: targeting and making fun of some part of society or behavior with the intent of improving it.
What changed? Harrison is died
What way did it change?  Diana moon glampers shoots him with a BIG gun.  Also Harrison was striving for excellence (he is flying and waving musicians around) But had hubris.
Why did he have it change that way? (answer this and you have the theme)

Irony / Overstatement
Why so many amendments in the first paragraph?
Because its hard to make everyone equal
Handicaps are ironic despite all atempts people still arnet equal.

Symbols (everything is leads to the theme)
Harrison is 14 why?   Average intelligence?

Protagonist?  Harrison? What is the external and internal conflict question?
“Watch me become what I can become” Is it freedom? Is it power? Is it excellence?
He is a Homeric hero!!   He is struggling to be an individual.  Others conform

Why does he have it in the future?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

HW 2/5/13

Euro Lit: Read chapters 16-20 of Candide; write chapter reports 16-20

English 9: Pre-write conclusion paragraph

Honors 9: Consider literary devices that lead to theme of "Harrison Bergeron"

Romeo & Juliet vs West Side Story Notes (Catch Up)

English 9 Notes 2/5/13

Theme paragraph:
The stories are similar because the themes are similar. Both stories are tragedies.  If you believe that they are dissimilar then it is because you don’t think the stories are both tragedies.
-       denotatively and literally à  the feud ends and romeo and Juliet die.
-       Connotatively and symbolically à the hate between the 2 families ends. Romeo and Juliet are symbolic (connotatively) of love.
THEME: Love overcomes hatred, but usually at a great price.  

Conclusion paragraph:
First, restate your thesis.
There are several techniques but you must show, overall, a deep understanding of the story.
One technique: Comparison. Show how the theme applies in other situations or in other books.
-       ex: Ghandi (got his ideas from Jesus) thought that they didn’t have to fight violence with violence. Successfully freed India from the British empire without war. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Ghandi was killed but everything worked out. (Love overcame hatred but at a great cost).
-       Use specifics and keep a balance within examples. You need at least three specific points.  EXPLAIN EXPLAIN EXPLAIN. Big picture thinking.
-       You could compare it to something in your own life, but you cannot use “I” in formal writing.

Second technique: An “Affective” Ending. Analyze how the play and the movie make you feel.

Third technique: A thinking discussion (on the big picture).

-       Why do we sometimes learn to late? Why do we not miss the water until the well has run dry? Why does there have the be a great loss for us to learn? Why did they act so rashly?

Introduction paragraph:
The title: not just “Romeo and Juliet essay”, has to have reason behind it.
Hook statement: Hook the reader into reading your essay. The hook is the very first sentence of the essay. You can start with a question, a fact, a quotation, or a definition (define tragedy? Love?)
Then, you must introduce the titles of what you are writing about and their authors. (William Shakespeare and Jerome Robbins) Also, speak of the genre (movie vs. play). If you are saying that the stories are similar then you might lead into the thesis by saying, “The play and the movie are both tragedies.”
Big picture seed. What we are going to do in the conclusion. (The title, hook, and big picture seed all tie together to bring together the ideas of the conclusion paragraph)
The thesis statement is the thesis opinion, and it is the last sentence in the intro paragraph.
-       The thesis will restate the three reasons that will make up your paragraphs and your opinion on the theme.

Conclusion paragraph
First sentence should summarize thesis statement (thesis restatement).
In the conclusion, use big picture thinking to address the theme. Comparison between R&J + WSS to something else is a good way to address theme. Gandhi is a good example. He preached about love overcoming hatred (“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”). Other good comparisons are MLK Jr. and Jesus. If you use comparisons in the conclusion, be sure to mention them briefly in the intro.
Oedipus can be used to define a tragedy.
Another conclusion technique is real thinking on the topic. Question the theme: does love really overcome hatred? Use quotes, facts, examples, etc.
Don’t rehash plot! Watson already knows what happens!
Romeo is a tragic hero.

Romeo & Juliet (R&J) = Tony & Maria (WSS)
Prince (R&J) = Detective (WSS)
 Mercutio (R&J) = Biff (WSS)
Montagues & Capulets (R&J) = Jets & Sharks (WSS)
Friar Laurence (R&J) = Doc (WSS)
Tybalt (R&J) = Bernardo (WSS)
Nurse (R&J) = Anita (WSS)
Balcony scene- alleyway
Friar laurence’s cell- drugstore
Meet at a dance: Capulet party (R&J) = High school Dance (WSS)
Extremely quick-advancing relationship
Freedom vs happiness
Love overcomes hatred but at great cost
Don’t be rash

Less sword fighting in WSS
No equivalent character in WSS to Rosaline in R&J
No lord/lady Capulet and Montague equivalent in WSS
R&J- Verona, 1300s, WSS- NYC 1960s
WSS based a lot on racism, this is not so in R&J
Feuding families (R&J) vs. feuding gangs (WSS)

Westside Story vs. Romeo & Juliet Essay Notes

Thesis opinion: either basically similar or basically different.

West Side Story                Both                         Romeo and Juliet
Characters                           Roles                          Characters
Names                                 age                                names
Gangs                                   actions (plot)            families

Literary devices: (only need for body paragraphs)
Character à the play West Side Story is the same (or different) as the tragedy Romeo and Juliet based on the similarities (or differences) in their characters.
Examples use quotations from the novel, use supporting explantions.

Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet are 15 and 14, respectively. Nurse and Anita are different ages. Nurse is older, and Romeo makes fun of her for her age. “Farewell, ancient lady.” (99).

Roles: The roles of Friar Lawrence and Doc both serve the role as a trusted friend and advisor (mentor).
Nurse and Anita have similar roles too.
T&M and R&J are nearly the same in their roles. They both have feuding families and fall in love despite that. Both depends on your theses opinion
Plot: The plots of each story essentially follow the same course.

Age: Tony and Maria are older than Romeo and Juliet.
Friar Lawrence has more wisdom than Doc.
Setting: R&J is set in 14th century Italy. West Side Story is set in NYC in the 1960s.

West Side Story:
Tony and Maria are older (Age)
Doc and Friar Lawrence ------- Friar Lawrence has more wisdom

Theme paragraph notes:
Denouement- the winding down part of the story after the climax. Tying up loose strings.
Theme for R&J: Don’t be hasty.
Complications in the rising action (R&J): Paris provides complication because he wants to marry Juliet but she doesn’t want to marry him. Juliet’s father also wants her to get married to him and not Romeo.
Fortune (predetermination) + Fool
Predetermination vs. Free will= a paradox
After the climax, Romeo is banished, which is conflict because he’s no longer in the same town as Juliet so it’s hard to be married to someone if you’re in a different town.
It’s also hard to have a successful marriage if Romeo is dead.
Denouement underscores the theme.
Capulet and Montague will make statues for Romeo and Juliet, which underscores the theme because love will conquer hate. Because the feud is denotatively hatred, and Romeo and Juliet are symbolically love. So when the family decides to put aside their feud in honor of R&J, it really means they chose love over hate.

English 9 Notes (Catch Up)

English 9 notes

            Need intro paragraph, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In the intro introduce the title of the work, author, genre, and a big picture seed along with the hook also, the last sentence which is the thesis (opinion + 3 reasons to support). In the body you are arguing/ supporting your thesis. First sentence in body is your topic sentence (one reason to support thesis), rest of body paragraphs are all the reasons to support thesis. Need easy transitions between paragraphs, refer to previous reason in paragraph then start to introduce next topic.

Similarities between West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet: characters (same roles, families, age, actions

Differences: Places/setting, characters (names, roles, gangs

English 9 notes
Use plot, theme, and setting to prove points. Tie in with that some symbols and point of view.
Are the characters similar or different? Use this in one body paragraph and expand on/explain how it supports your thesis.
Topic sentence for character paragraph: Shakespeares tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, are basically similar to West Side Story because the characters in both are basically similar. Or: Shakespeares tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, are basically different to West Side Story because the characters in both are different.
Use quotes and examples from both the movie and story to prove the point.
Similarities between Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story: characters: age (Although doc is younger than F.L., they are both basically similar because they play the same role in the play. They both play the role as a trusted friend and advisor.) Quotes to support: page 91.  Anida and the Nurse basically similar in their role they play. Also Romeo and Juliet with Tony and Maria all have the same role.
Both: They both have a feud between them. But one is gang and the other is family.

Differences: Characters: age (romeo and Juliet and Tony and Maria and Doc and Fyer L. Nurse and Anida.) Fyer is more wise than doc so he is older and we can see how old doc is in the movie. For the nurse and Anida, the nurse is older because on page 99 Marcuitio is making fun of her age, but in the movie we see that Anida is young and is dating a 22 year old guy. Family vs. Gangs.   

English 9 Notes 2/4.13

Theme Paragraph
            If the stories are similar:
a) They are both tragedies
            If they are different
a) The denouements are different
In Romeo and Juliet, the hatred is overcome at the end. They both build statues. What does that symbolize? The feud ends. -à Because Romeo and Juliet die.
The feud = hatred. Romeo and Juliet = love.  All of this together, leads to the theme: Love overcomes hatred, but at a great cost.
Romeo and Juliet:
A tragedy because they die, but the families build statues (which ends the feud).  “For I will ray her a statue in pure gold” (241) –Montague. Here we see that he, symbolically, is saying that the feud has ended. The feud is only symbolic for the hate they had for one another. Why did the feud or the hate END? They both acknowledge that their children died because of their hatred for each other and they love their children.
“For never was a story of more woe, than of Juliet and her Romeo” – the prince (last line of the play) Underscores the theme.


Harrison Bergeron