Friday, February 15, 2013

HW 2/15/13

Euro Lit: None!

English 9: None!

Honors 9: None!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

More "Friendship" Notes

Plot reason - 
To give a positive or negative example of the theme.
He doesn’t give up.. so he’s happy positive-    positive example
He flys to high his wings melt so he dies- negative example
External conflict question: can their friendship survive?
Internal conflict question  Frenchman: can he overcome his rashness?
Internal conflict question  Dog: can he forgive the man?
You should state the theme in your own way
And use strong topic sentences that restate the theme.
Waitress is a foil: she can forgive the Frenchman and their friendship survives.
The dog does not. 
Sometimes its too late to apologize    “something had died in the dog”
Try to evince how the denouement serves the theme!!!!!!!!!
How does it make you feel analyze how and why its important.
Use an example from another story or your life in your conclusion paragraph
The French man doesn’t realizes that the dog doesn’t come for the food but for the love. 
What is the waitress symbolic of (he took his anger out on the dog and waitress)
The theme:    (say it in a different way though)

Symbolism:   dog is a mans best friend.   Dogs unconditionally love their masters
And when the roll is thrown at him he is too shocked to move. 
What is the external antagonistic force?   Human nature –we are predetermined to be angery sometimes, but we have the free will to improve and change ourselves and write stories like “Friendship” we can improve like the Frenchman being nice to the waitress.  
Conclusion don’t be materialistic, you cant buy me love,

HW 2/14/13

Euro Lit: Pre-write Voltaire/Marcus Aurelius essay

English 9: Revise paragraphs via google docs using your notes from West Side Story

Honors 9: Re-read "Friendship" and consider: symbolism and other literary devices 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

West Side Story Notes

West Side Story: Skyline of New York. Old buildings. Starts off with one of the gangs. Right there, different from Romeo and Juliet. Two opposing gangs instead of families. They run into  Bernardo from the other gang. Bernardo is part of the Sharks, which is like Montagues. The other gang are the Jets (Capulates). In comes the detective to break up the fight, He plays the same role as the Prince in Romeo and Juliet because he has to break them up and say that they cannot fight anymore and if they do, he is going to beat the living crud out of them. The jets are planning on making nice the with Sharks, but still sticking up for themselves. Tony (Romeo) is part of the Jets. All the people in the Jets are like Romeos friends in Romeo and Juliet. They pretty much have the same roles. Here comes Maria, she plays the same role as Juliet, but she looks older than 14, so that way they’re different. Here’s Chino, he plays the same role as Paris. Maria is supposed to marry him, but doesn’t. Maria has somebody that plays the same role as the Nurse does for Juliet, her name is Rosa.  They all go to a dance together where the Jets are. They are trying to make nice with each other. This dance is equivalent to the ball/dinner there is in Romeo and Juliet. This is where Tony and Maria (Romeo and Juliet) first lay eyes on each other.

HW 2/13/13

Euro Lit: Review Candide for 100 pt quiz

English 9: Review paragraphs on google docs using notes from West Side Story

Honors 9: Re-read "Friendship" and consider: symbolism and other literary devices

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

HW 2/12/13

Euro Lit: Finish Candide; write chapter reports 29 and 30

English 9: Print all 5 paragraphs

Honors 9: Re-read "Friendship" and consider: plot

Monday, February 11, 2013

"Friendship" Notes

How did you feel?   Sad and confused.
Dog or French man in the right?
Did the dog forgive him?    The dog licked his hand over and over again
The dog forgave him maybe but doesn’t trust him
How do trust and forgiveness relate?
The tale wagging represents love and trust. Did he ever trust him?
He wagged his tale but still would not enter the resteraunt?
B. Traven.  We don’t know his real name.   That was only his name for this story.  He probably escaped The US and went to Mexico


Re-read The story multiple times!!!
As Eli was saying…
The dog did trust the French man he just didn’t enter the restraunt because he was a dog from the street.  He trusts him because he lets him stroke him and loves it.  But then is sad when the French man turns out to be just like a “normal” man and throw rolls at him.  He didn’t forgive him because he learned that the French man wasn’t a great guy.
3rd person omniscient narrator – we can trust and take as truth anything the narrator says
“No accusation I the dogs eyes, just a profound sadness.”
But why did he have the god come back??????  ß Big Question!!!!!!!!!!!!
The dog comes back to show that the theme is…
DOG IS MANS BEST FRIEND  - what does that mean?
The threshold is symbolic   “He would not cross the thresh hold”
What changed      the dog came now it doesn’t
What made it change      The French man threw a roll at him
In what way does it change    He come in the first place because he wants love (not food) “he relished the caresses” but then that is broken by the Frenchman’s rashness in throwing the roll.
Who is the Protagonist        both the dog and the Frenchman

HW 2/11/13

Euro Lit: Finish Candide; write chapter reports 29 and 30

English 9: Have all 5 paragraphs finished

Honors 9: Re-read "Friendship" and consider: "What changes?"