Friday, March 1, 2013

Symbolism in the Flash...   Everything is symbolic

Irony:  I puts him/her self down!  Because I knows how the crowd will react.
Society brings individuals down but it needs them

POV 1st person so you put yourself into I's shoes and feel the theme more.
Makes us relate to flashes we have.

Conclusion ideas 
-Oedipus, freedom/happiness or Harrison burgeron
-Use a 4th literary device, but still use big picture thinking. (Irony)
-The idea of understanding nothing.
-Teaching children science?
-What is knowledge 

Thursday, February 28, 2013


We fell sad    He had then flash then he lost it.

Author writes the story so that I (the character) is anyone not a he or she or old or young.  So I represents  you.   He/she represents everyone, and is symbolic of the theme

The protagonist is "I"
The antagonist is the people.
External conflict Question,  Can I remember the flash
Internal conflict question, Can I avoid conforming to society. Crabbucket mentality


What is the flash?  
Nothing makes sense, I know nothing, and, must question everything
Is society ok?  what does society mean?  A moment of self recognition.
I understands Nothing!
Its like harrison Burgeron.  At the start she was crying at the end she was crying
I understands nothing.  And the flash is about nothing.

The nature of the flash is about enlightenment or epiphany. the theme is about how society treats those who have flashes and therefore how we treat them.

The enveloping literary device is symbolism therefore all others are symbolic.

what changes? he had the flash then he lost it.
what made it change? the crowd made him conform.

We or I must avoid fear of alienation or fighting society to gain and hold onto knowledge.
society puts down individuals because individuals are more intelligent and better and make society look bad.  However society needs these people, so therefore society does it to itself.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

HW 2/26/13

Euro Lit: None! (but don't forget satires)

English 9: Continue to revise your essay using notes from the movie

Honors 9: None!

Monday, February 25, 2013

HW 2/25/13

Euro Lit: Read Jane Eyre (and know vocab for) chapters 7-9 (and don't forget satires?)

English 9: Continue to revise your essay using notes from the movie

Honors 9: None!