Friday, December 13, 2013

Honors 9 English Notes 12/13/13

-Cosmology: a culture's belief about the origin of the universe
-Pantheon: family of Gods
-Rhapsode: oral story teller (male)
-Gaia: great mother of all, greek mother goddess
-Uranus: father sky, Gaia's son and husband
3 Purposes of Myths:
1) to explain the world
2) Ethics: to help distinguish right from wrong
-Greeks: polytheistic (believe many Gods, Mon-o-one)
-Greek Gods:
1)Anthropomorphic-created Gods
-Gods much like men
-Archetype: 1st of a kind
-Demigod-half man, half God

HW 12/13/13

Euro Lit:
Bring student ID card

Honors 9 English:
Read & Mark- Gods of Olympus
Review & Rewrite- Class notes
Quiz Monday