Friday, January 24, 2014

HW 1/24/14

Euro Lit: Read chapters 17-28 of Jane Eyre (for Tuesday)

Honors 9: Study End Marks, Commas, and Capitalization for quiz

Thursday, January 23, 2014

HW 1/23/14

Euro Lit: Read chapters 13-16 of Jane Eyre and study for vocabulary quiz

Honors 9: Prepare for King Arthur test

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Honors 9 English Notes 1/22/14

Honors 9 English Notes 1/22/14

Siegfried kills 2 princes, 700 knights (not needed)

Homeric Hero:
-Arete: strive for excellence
-Hubris: excessive pride
-Ate: exceeding the bounds created for you by the gods
-Nemesis: the “fall”, consequences

Archetype Hero: “First of its kind”
-Archilles (warrior)
-Zeus (political?)

-Siegfried developed a vulnerable spot from a linden leaf
-Death of Siegfried & Heracles are similar in that both of their wives inadvertently killed them. They also share the emotions of pride and anger.

King Arthur:
-The round table
-Quest for the Holy Grail
-Sir Lancelot & Queen Gwenivere & King Arthur love triangle

-Utopia: perfect world [Greek meaning: nowhere]
-Round table has 150 seats
-Holy Grail symbolizes: Christianity perfection

-Denotation: literal meaning of something
-Connotation: figurative meaning of something

HW 1/22/14

Euro Lit:
Read: Jane Eyre Chapters 10-12
Study: Vocabulary up to pg. 101

English 9 Honors:
Re-read: King Arthur myth and know the nuts and bolts

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vocabulary Worksheet for "King Arthur"

HW 1/21/14

Euro Lit: Read chapters 7-9 of Jane Eyre and study the vocab

Honors 9: Read the King Arthur myth and complete the vocab sheet