Wednesday, January 29, 2014

HW 1/29/14

Euro Lit: Read chapters 31-32 of Jane Eyre

Honors 9: No HW

Greek Drama/Tragedy Handout

Mythology Handout

Honors 9 Notes 1/29/14

Oedipus - King of Thebes
Oedipus is the symbol for us

- for protagonist: someone who struggles for something
- for antagonist: antagonist struggles against protagonist
- plot of a tragedy: tragic hero falls
- the "tragic flaw" (hamartia: what makes 'em breaks 'em)
Example: Oedipus' intelligence makes him, but is also what leads to his fall.
*anagorisis: recognition
*catharsis: when the audience is moved to pity

Paradox of Human Condition
- paradox: a seeming contradiction that is none the less true
*predetermination vs freedom* (fate vs freewill)
- it's how you deal with what you're dealt
- with freedom comes responsibility
*Medan Agan: don't go too far

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hero's Journey Handout

Honors 9 Notes 1/28/14

- Gnoti Seatan: know thyself (it will make your life better)
- Joseph Campbell wrote The Hero with a Thousand Faces
- Dramatic irony: when the audience knows something that one or more characters on stage do not
- literature is a way to better know ourselves

Hero's Journey

- starts off in known world
- crosses threshold into unknown world
- goes through many trials
- comes back to known world, as a different person
- separation, initiation, transformation, return
* right of passage: a passage from childhood to adulthood
* threshold: phase between known and unknown world
* boon: a gift (material or spiritual)

HW 1/28/14

Euro Lit: Read chapters 29-30 of Jane Eyre

Honors 9: Complete Hero's Journey worksheet and remember to bring student ID tomorrow

Monday, January 27, 2014

HW 1/27/14

Euro Lit:
Read: Jane Eyre chapters 17-28 for Tuesday
Quiz on Tuesday

English 9 Honors:
No homework for Monday night