Friday, February 21, 2014

Honors 9 Notes 2/21/14

  • A comes back to A, but is no longer A
  • A is the protagonist
  • something happens that changes A
    • what changes?
    • why does it change?
    • how does it change?
^ How you find the theme.

Passages you can/should use in the essay:
  • pg 115 line 2, 4
  • pg 117 line 36
*limit your quotes, only use the bare bones*
  • pg 119 line 57, 63, 68 (68 can explain how Romeo couldn't control Tybalt wanting to fight), 74 (pre-determination)
  • pg 121 line 85, 88, 89, 90
  • pg 123 line 106, 107, 108, 115 (115 would go in the 'choice' paragraph), 127, 128, 129
  • pg 125 line 142 (paradox paragraph)
  • pg 127 line 180 (choice paragraph)
Reasons why Romeo doesn't want to fight Tybalt:
  • wants the marriage to Juliet to work out
  • fears capital punishment
  • they're now related because of the marriage
Reasons why Romeo does want to fight Tybalt:
  • guilt from causing Mercutio's death
  • hubris (line 119, 120)
  • anger and revenge
    • envelope thinking, Romeo acted RASH because of these reasons
  • the first body paragraph will be about pre-determination
  • the second body paragraph will be about choice/free will
  • conclusion paragraph/third body paragraph will be about the paradox
More essay:
  • argument form!! include examples from the book that prove the reason, back it up with quotes and explain the quotations
  • clencher sentence refers back to thesis statement
  • #1 quote for paradox: "Oh, I'm fortune's fool."
  • option for conclusion paragraph is to compare to Oedipus
Intro paragraph:
  • introduce work, it's a tragedy
  • plant big picture seed
  • intrigue Watson
  • this work teaches us by negative example
  • if you compare Romeo and Juliet to Oedipus in conclusion, mention something about it in the intro
  • last sentence of the intro will be the thesis statement

Romeo and Juliet Essay Re-Write Checklist

HW 2/21/14

Euro Lit: Read chapter 5 of Demian

Honors 9: Write a 4-5 paragraph essay on Romeo and Juliet and complete the essay checklist

Thursday, February 20, 2014

HW 2/20/14

Euro Lit: Read chapter 4 of Demian

Honors 9: Brainstorm Act III, quotations to use in the Romeo and Juliet essay and organize them by reasons (pre-determination, free will, paradox)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

HW 2/19/14

Euro Lit: Read chapter 3 of Demian and "The Repentant Thief"

Honors 9: Study for 200 pt final on Romeo and Juliet

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

HW 2/18/14

Euro Lit: Read chapter 2 of Demian and the Cain and Abel handout

Honors 9: Read Act V of Romeo and Juliet and complete the study guide and vocab sheet