Friday, April 11, 2014

Honours 9 Notes 11th of April 2014

Honors 9 Notes

B. Traven: we don’t know what his real name is. He might be Jack London in disguise. (Or a reptilian shape shifter. Maybe he assassinated JFK. No one knows.) He was liberal, escaped Eastern Europe and joined the Wobblies. Went to Mexico, wrote about the Mexican Revolution
Wobblies: ultra-liberal political group, anarchists

How did the story make us feel? Sad that the dog left, angry that the Frenchman overreacted, disappointed with the Frenchman for betraying the dog’s trust and that the dog had done nothing to deserve it, hopeful because the dog made a lasting impression on the man. Angry, not because the Frenchman threw the roll, but that afterwards the Frenchman treats him like an inferior, not like a friend.
How did Traven make us feel that way?  Dog didn’t forgive the man and dog said goodbye twice. Denouement is short and very final. Last time the man ever saw the dog.
Whyyyyyy? B Traven is trying to teach the reader that love>material gifts. If you don’t learn this theme, this will happen to you!

Why did the dog come back twice?  The dog wanted to forgive the Frenchman, but couldn’t.
(p181, bottom third) the dog started to wag, but then stopped when realizing what he was doing. Dog was teaching the man a lesson about how to treat people.
Frenchman just doesn’t get it (p182) gives him a steak, then a huge calf’s bone. Dog is trying to communicate that he DON’T WANT NO MEAT.

Why a dog?  Dog=man’s best friend. Title=Friendship.
This dog is different than other dogs, shows self-restraint, wants affection>food
(p173) The dog refrained from coming inside because he’s intelligent, (p171) dog still won’t come in, (p172) dog no come in never
Why doesn’t the dog come inside?  Dog wants more than food, dog wants the man’s trust.
How is the dog different?  Dog shows self-restraint
(p179 last paragraph) Dogs are beaten if they deserve it, stick with those who feed them
(p175 middle) the dog had never known what love was, dog loves affection>food. Money can’t buy me love. Immaterial>material.

How did the Frenchman try to apologize to the dog?
(p180 3rd paragraph) he has a steak to apologize
(p178 3rd paragraph) he takes a steak from a customer
The dog doesn’t want food as an apology. (p182) dog only wags when the man shows affection. (p182 bottom) dog licks man on the hand for A FULL MINUTE (hyperbole). Man pet the dog with his haaaand! Doggy love affection! Wheeee! Lovelovelovelovelove!

Why did the Frenchman throw the roll? He’s angry. Friends hurt each other sometimes. The people closest to us end up being hurt the most when we are angry.

Why didn’t the dog dodge the roll? Integrity: the dog will not back down. Trust: he couldn’t believe the Frenchman would hurt him. (end of P.177)

HW 4/11/14

Euro Lit: Finish Candide

Honors 9: Re-read "Friendship" and consider: what changes?, keep up with Grapes of Wrath

Thursday, April 10, 2014

HW 4/10/14

Euro Lit: Read chapters 22-27 of Candide and complete the chapter reports

Honors 9: Read "Friendship"

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to Write Your First Bootcamp Essay (Honors 9 Notes 4/9/14)

How to write your first essay for bootcamp!

·      Must use plot in every essay you write in bootcamp (but at this point you won’t be able to do the full monty on plot, so don’t worry about it now)
o   Just make sure you have a good topic sentence and do some decent plot analysis!
·      When you come into class tomorrow, grab a laptop right away, open up google docs, and start writing!
o   Remember: everything is double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font, and put page numbers on your essay
o   While cool titles aren’t necessary, they give bonus pts! The title should be the last thing you write and should be based on your conclusion (witty titles are quite fun to read)
o   Instead of typing out 1. Thesis Statement, just type 1. and start writing
§  You aren’t writing an actual essay with actual paragraphs yet! Just follow the numbers on the essay outline sheet you have.
·      Please pre-write your thesis statement and main reasons for your body paragraphs! It will make your in-class essay so much easier and less stressful.
o   You must have an opinion on the story and include the theme (don’t confuse equal opportunity with equal ability), but try to write it in your own words.
o   Pick three of the best literary devices that Vonnegut uses to convey the theme!
§  DO NOT use irony as it’s own paragraph. Irony should be in EVERY paragraph, because all literary devices include irony; the story is a satire.
o   You can combine literary devices – it helps your reasoning and convincingness. You must give an example for all literary devices you choose to use (not necessarily quotations), but don’t bite off more than you can choose.
·      In thesis statement, be sure to state the title of the story, the genre (short story), the author, your main reasons, and the theme.
·      In body paragraphs, always say what literary devices you are using and your reasoning for using it. (Put this in the topic sentence!)
·      For conclusion paragraph: compare Harrison Bergeron to any other story you’ve read this year! Icarus, Oedipus, etc.

Above all else: relax! This essay won’t be hard! I can assure you that all of you know everything you need to about the story, all you have to do is write it down! There’s nothing to stress about, this essay is essentially just practice to improve your essay skills. I promise you, at the end of bootcamp, you’ll all be fantastic essay writers. Relax relax relax, and have fun with this!

HW 4/9/14

Euro Lit: Read chapters 19-23 of Candide and complete chapter reports

Honors 9: Pre-write thesis statement and 3 main reasons, pre-think the conclusion and the rest of the essay

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Honors 9 Notes 4/8/14

Grapes of Wrath Notes

Land turtle is a symbol of endurance
Tom is a symbol for the people/Moses
Ma tells us what is good and bad
Jim Casey is dealing with the same problem we all are dealing with.
The banks are The Monsters” It is bigger than all of us
It must keep getting bigger or it dies
Man made “The Monster” but now we can’t control it
Money is the monster that is destroying us all
Pg 40… “…..I have to think of my own kids” 

HB notes

External Conflict: Can Harrison over come society?
Internal: Can he overcome himself in order to overcome society?
Don’t confuse equal opportunity with equal ability
Freedom VS Happiness
Freedom= Responsibility
If we forget sad things then we are “Happy”
The setting is a warning to us
Being competitive is part of Human Nature
Pg. 121 “You don’t want people to compete” dramatic irony for wanting people to compete but being kind about it.
Hazel is the definition of the average intelligence
Diana Moon Glampers represents power over people the Handicaps are the power that allows them to do that
Hazel is crying at the beginning and the end because she has perhaps witnessed multiple people being shot on television
The more society tries to pull us down, the faster we rise above it
If they can successfully resolve the internal conflict they will resolve the external conflict as well
The TV is another symbol for control and the general flow of information to the people
Currently, Big Brother is not watching us, we are watching Big Brother
Use tone, mood, atmosphere and dialogue in your essays (POV=3rd person omniscient, reliable narrator)
Handicaps=societal boundaries, confusion of equal opportunity and equal ability 

HW 4/8/14

Euro Lit: Read chapters 14-18 of Candide and complete chapter reports

Honors 9: Review notes, re-read "Harrison Bergeron" for essay on Thursday, continue reading Grapes of Wrath

Monday, April 7, 2014

Honors 9 Notes 4/7/14

Grapes of Wrath:

Chapter 1:
-Pg. 3 – simple repetition “simple”
-Pg. 4 – “the dust” “the wind” repetition
-Farmers being dispossessed of their property
-Beginning to set the Mood/Atmosphere of impending Dust Bowl

Chapter 2:
-Meet protagonist: Tom Joad, serious man with smile lines, callouses
-POV: 3rd person omniscient
-Pg. 10: setting a tone and atmosphere about what the real problem is
-Goes into the psychology of the Truck Driver, slot machine in café
-Are people naturally good, or are they out for themselves? Steinbeck is both. Does society corrupt people or are people naturally corrupt?
-Pg. 12: cropper: a sharecropper
-“I’m just trying to get along without shoving anybody around” – Tom’s philosophy
-External conflict: struggling to survive, to keep his family together
-Tom symbolizes: America, mankind (can mankind survive?)
-Philosophy of the Monster (antagonist)
-Pg. 16: “[…] A guy got to get a ahead […]” get ahead of whom? Get ahead of other men. Dog eat dog world. The American way.
-How do you get ahead without shoving people around?
Philosophy of Number 1: “If you don’t look after yourself, who will?”

Harrison B.:

Big Picture – Freedom vs. Happiness
Harrison is a dramatic hero
It is a satire: Herd Mentality, fear of change, “don’t be so full of yourself”, making everybody equal in their ability, not their opportunity.
-Protagonist: Harrison B. An ironic character.
-Irony=every lit device is ironic. Society needs strong individuals but ironically drags them down.
-External Antagonist:  Diane
 -Symbols – Harrison (individuality). He is fourteen. People at the age of fourteen don’t conform, and go overboard.  Young people act rashly (hubris). He is 7 feet tall, which symbolizes that he doesn’t fit into society and he is above everybody else’s way of thinking.
            Beer/TV- escape from reality
            Diane- society, power over others
            Handicaps- bounds of society
-Hubris: pg. 123 “I am the emperor. “ “Even as I stand here […]”. Picks people up and throws them around like a baton and slams them back in their chairs”
-George is not happy or free: he is always in pain. Can’t think for himself. Hazel notices that he’s not happy when she says, “you’ve been so tired lately”
-Conforming is compromising
- Nobody is enjoying himself or herself. Nobody is happy.

A comes back to A but is no longer A (main character is what changes 99% of the time)
-What changes:  Harrison was alive, and then he dies
-What makes it change: Diana kills him (the individual is killed by the society).
-In what way did it change: His hubris (freedom) also kills him
-Why does it change that way: HB is trying to break the bounds (handicaps) of society, Diana is trying to control him/equalize everyone physically and mentally

-For society to progress, a person cannot conform. We are in a society where people are murdered if they do not conform, but we NEED those people for society to progress. Society kills them because they are afraid and they feel threatened. (Makes Harrison an ironic character)
-Handicaps bring everybody down to the average intelligence (low intelligence). Nobody is smarter than the person with the lowest intelligence.
-They’re trying to eliminate human nature (competition)
-Competition makes society progress. Nature=competitive (tying to Grapes of Wrath would make a badass conclusion)

Theme: society should not confuse equal ability with equal opportunity.

Plot Breakdown
External Conflict Question=Can HB overcome society’s control and “become all that he can become?” p123
Internal Conflict Question=Can HB avoid having hubris?
Setting=2081 (if we confuse equal ability with equal opportunity, this will be our future), America (all men are created equal + land of opportunity/freedom), springtime (new beginnings, not quite a perfect month)
Climax=when he kisses ceiling and is shot
Resolutions=nope. He fail.

Denouement=Hazel is crying, can’t remember about what (just like the beginning). This implies that maybe she saw someone being shot before the story too.

HW 4/7/14

Euro Lit: Read chapters 12-16 of Candide and complete chapter reports

Honors 9: Review your notes, re-read "Harrison Bergeron" and analyze plot sub devices, read Grapes of Wrath pgs 3-53