Friday, September 16, 2016

Potential Iliad Themes 9/16/16

Humans are fallible

  • Gods are imperfect, etc
What motivates humans more than anything is the fear of death
  • Achilles hasn't killed Hector yet because he knows he'll die
  • Allows us/motivates us to strive for excellence
Remember, "The Wrath of Achilles is my theme"

  • How does Achilles change?
  • What makes him change?

Iliad Notes 9/16/16


  • Greek leaders are injured, as is Machaon the surgeon
  • Trojans are pounding at the wall the Greeks have built
  • Agamemnon suggests that the Greeks run, Odysseus calls him a
  • Nestor has suggested that Patrocolus impersonate Achilles and go face the Trojans
  • Poseidon, disguised as an old man, tells Agamemnon that the Greeks will win in the end
  • Hera distracts Zeus with sexy times (using Aphrodite's girdle) so Poseidon can continue interfering with the war
  • Poseidon helps the Greeks push the Trojans back to the plain
  • Hector is wounded by Aeius, Zeus sends Apollo to get Hector back into the fight after realizing that Poseidon has interfered in the battle
  • (273) Zeus foreshadows the death of Patrocolus
  • (274) Aries' son is killed, Aries begs to go fight even if he dies (Are the Gods immortal?)
  • The Trojans breach the wall (Part Two, Electric Boogaloo) and fight the Greeks back to the ships
  • Patrocolus decides that he cannot ignore the suffering of the Greeks anymore, decides to try and talk Achilles into the fight (286)
  • Hector tells the Trojans to burn the ships, Aeius holds them off with a giant spear made of an oar

European Literature Homework 9/16/16

50 Point Test on Monday

  • Who is responsible for Patrocolus' death?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Iliad Notes 9/15/16

  • Aeius (Wall of a Man) fights Hector to a draw
  • Trojans go on the offensive, Greeks build a wall to protect themselves, and it's "HUGE" (but the Trojans don't pay for it)
  • Poesidon didn't get his sacrifices before the wall got built near the oceans
  • Trojans reach the wall, Zeus tells the Gods not to interfere
  • Trojans are kicking the Greeks' asses, Hera complains (157)
  • Zeus says that the Greeks are going to get their asses kicked even more, that they will be pushed back to the ships until Patrocolus dies and Achilles takes up arms to kill Hector
  • Agamemnon suggests that they run away (same as on page 43, but now he really wants to leave)
  • Nestor suggests that they give Achiles a "humble apology" (164), Agamemnon agrees
  • Says he'll give Achilles reparations if Achilles submits himself to Agamemnon (which Odysseus realizes is a bad idea as he is sent to speak to Achilles)
  • Achilles is told to keep a check on his proud spirit, for a "kind heart is a better thing than pride" (167), Achilles spurns Agamemnon's offer
  • Achilles admits that he already fought Hector on Day One at the Scean Gate and that Hector was lucky to escape alive (Was it luck?)
  • Is told to think about the greater good, Achilles says that he "has no use for the Acheans' good opinion" (175) [he's becoming more and more godlike]
  • As the fighting continues, all of the Greeks leaders are injured, then their surgeon is injured (Achilles notices, thinks that the Greeks will come and kiss his ass soon)
  • (203) "Unlucky man. He was fighting for his country…" (Anti-war quote)
  • Agamemnon is injured, leaves the fighting, Hector and Trojans press their advantage 
  • Paris shoots Diomedes through the foot (lion metaphor shows up again)
  • Odysseus debates whether or not to save Diomedes, gets injured saving him
  • (213) Achilles calls for Patrocolus, the beginning of Patrocolus' end, wants to know if the surgeon was injured
  • (218) Nestor speaks to Patrocolus, "But even so, it is not too late for you to talk to Achilles […] you may coax him into action […] if not, let him give you his […] armor […] so you may fight the Trojans in his stead"
  • What motivates humankind more than anything else?
  • Homer thinks it's the fear of death
  • (172) Achilles will either live without fame or die in Troy, has taken 9.5 years to make the decision whether or not to kill Hector because he knows that once he dies, his fate is sealed (Fame is the closest thing to immortality, but you still have to die)
  • Who is responsible for Patrocolus' death?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Iliad Notes 9/14/16

When last we saw our heroes…

  • Achilles fought with Agamemnon, who would not return the priestess he captured
  • Agamemnon agrees to return her, but takes Briseis from Achilles, making Achilles sad and mad
  • Achilles asks his mother to talk to Zeus
  • Thetis does, and Zeus says that the Greeks will not be able to win the war without Achilles
  • Achilles stops fighting
  • Greeks start getting their asses kicked, cannot defeat Hector without Achilles
  • Diomedes is a foil to Achilles; he is concerned with the greater good of the Greeks whereas Achilles only cares about his own personal gripe with Agamemnon
  • Diomedes is insulted by Agamemnon but gets over it
  • This moment makes us second guess our sympathy for Achilles, who is "sulking by the ships" (90)
  • Man is self surpassing, we have that strive for excellence
  • "Man's reach should exceed his grasp, else why is there a heaven?" -Robert Browning
  • Athene gives Diomedes "resolution and audacity" (92), or arete, to go out into battle
  • Greeks and Trojans fight, gods withdraw from the fighting
  • Relentless realism in battle sequences, deaths are brutal
  • Greeks are getting slaughtered, but Diomedes is fighting well
  • Panderus decides to fight Diomedes (also driven by arete, but also hubris), gets killed
  • Athene allows Diomedes to see the gods, tells him to fight Aphrodite, he wounds her on the hand
  • Ares is wounded in the gut
  • Page 95, Diomedes is likened to a "lion," so pay attention to that too
  • Diomedes is in "a mood to fight Zeus himself" (104)