Friday, October 7, 2016

Euro Lit Homework 10/7/16

Read the Philosophy Handout by Monday

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Philoctetes Notes 10/4/16

"Never, if of my will I must see Troy" (1392) [He will never choose to see Troy]
"Let me suffer what I must suffer" (1397) [Philoctetes chooses the suffering he knows over the potential for more suffering. What motivates Philoctetes, and, by extension, human beings, to stay and suffer is the fear of the unknown]
"I shall not disobey" (1447) [Philoctetes doesn't choose, he simply obeys Heracles after the god tells him everything that is doing to happen. He never overcomes his fear of the unknown; he never makes his own choice]

Monday, October 3, 2016

Philoctetes Notes 10/3/16

FYI: I have just written down the line numbers for Philoctetes notes, not the page numbers.

"Suffering has broken me" (1101) [Philoctetes blames suffering for his choice to stay]
"It was you who doomed yourself" (1094) [Chorus tells us Philoctetes is still most responsible for his predicament. He was given a bad lot when he stepped on the snake and was abandoned, but is still responsible for his choice not to leave the island]
"Are we slaves and not free?" (994)
"It lies with you to avoid your doom" (1164) [We see once again that Philoctetes is responsible for his fate, he can choose to leave]
"It is no occasion for anger when a man with storms of sorrow speaks against his better judgement" (1194-1196) [He admits that he is making the wrong decision]
"My mind is set on death […] I tell you" (1209) [he prefers death to suffering]