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Honors 9 Notes 1/20/17

Prep for 100 point King Arthur test
            Study: Vocab, Story, Notes, and Blog

Luzia’s Joke:
Why Does Arthur gather his knights around a round table?
Because he doesn’t want to get cornered!                    

1.    In the beginning of King Arthur, things are not good
Something is wrong with the societal welfare and the hero fixes it
2.    The Quest for the Holy Grail
3.    The clash of cultures
a.     England is inhabitant by indigenous cultures, original pagan society was matriarchal, the woman who leads it is the Lady of the Lake
b.     They have a magical land made up of mist, called Avalon
c.      When a male patriarchal society whose religion is Christianity comes along and disrupts
d.     They make a peace treaty to rule equally, but the Christian ruler went back on his word.
e.     The pagan society revolted and in a large battle the Christian ruler
f.      With his dying with the ruler thrusts his sword into the anvil and says the next great ruler will be able to pull the sword from the anvil

4.    There is a civil war, a king, who is married to morgana fights against him
5.    In battle Arthur breaks the sword and needs a new one
6.    King Arthur is the Stag King, they get drunk and trip, they bring into his hut a woman with whom he has relations, The woman he impregnates is his half sister morgana
7.    Gallahan, becomes a knight, and he can sit in siege perilous, only he can sit in that chair because he is pure (without sin)
8.    When Gallahan sits in his seat, they see the holy grail, they go on a mission to find the grail
9.    This search represents the search for moral completion Does the holy grail represent death/heaven
10.  Lancelot does not get to see the grail because he didn’t want to see the grail for the mission but for Guinevere
a.     He didn’t do the deeds, for the deeds sake, he did it for Guinevere
11.  Lancelot and Arthur are best friends but Guin is in love with Lancelot, but when time while Arthur is away they sleep together.  They’re honest with him, and they have a three-way deal. Since its against Christianity they have to stop
12. “Lancelot Seeks to conquer Lancelot” Hes trying to evade what he did/be self surpassing


1.     Jousting:  Knight fight
2.     Chivalry: Courtesy,  ideal quality of  knight
3.     Dismay: Disappointment, sudden surprise
4.     Stern: strict
5.     Embellish: to beautify
6.     Scabbard: a sheath your sword
7.     Conjurer: Magician
8.     To pay homage: to respect
9.     Tempest: a hell of a bad storm

College Bowl:

1.    Who is Arthurs father?
a.     Uthra Pendragon, but he is a foster child
2.    How does he prove he will be king
a.     He pulls the sword out of the anvil
3.    How did that come about?
a.     Sir Kay didn’t have a sword so Arthur goes
4.    How does Sir Antoine react?
a.     He makes sir Kay try and pull the sword out- he cant
5.    Who gives Arthur Excalibur?
a.     The lady of the lake,
6.    What does Merlin ask Arthur if he likes one more than the other, what are those two things?
7.    What’s the symbolism of those two objects?
a.     He is asking if he prefers war or peace
8.    What magical property does the sheath have?
a.     While in battle with the sheath, you will not spill a drop of blood
9.    What does the sword say on it?
10. What is the round table?
a.     A gift given to him by Leodegrance, a round table
11.  Leodegrance sends 100 men and merlin provides 28
12.  Why is the Siege Perilous, perilous?
13. Who completes the round table?
14. Who brings Gallahad?
15. What is the Holy Grail?
a.     A cup used at the last supper
b.     What does it represent? Moral perfection
16. What does the Round Table represent?
a.     Democracy!
17. How is this myth different from Greek myths?
a.     They’re aided by magic not gods
b.     Women aren’t treated less fairly
c.       Christianity and moral purity
d.     Revenge is less of a motivating factor

European Literature Notes 1/20/17

Important information in red
Student commentary in blue
Notes in black
Vocabulary in green
Mr. Stewart recommends titles in purple
College Hacks

Read Chapters 18-21 & Review Vocabulary

If you want to check out the Gutenberg Project, here's a link
Braum's First Symphony will be performed next week. 
There's a cool art exhibit at the Schnitzer Museum about the Quran.
Feel free to check those out.  
Mr. Stewart recommends The Quran & The Bible 
The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart
The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Once and Future King by T.H. White
Le Morte D'Arthur Sir Thomas Malory 
The humanities are powerful because they have the ability to teach us
Going to office hours in college will generally get you a higher grade
Make sure that your professor knows who you are
One method for selecting colleges is to select the top three
Take responsibility for college education because you are paying for it
Going to a local/cheaper college makes it possible to study abroad
Remain open to other career paths/opportunities
Managing homework is a skill that anyone can learn
The future is bright! 
Why did Bronte have the bed catch on fire?
Why does Bronte have the third floor be the center of preternatural activity?
Grace takes a pot of porter up to her room for lunch. Why?
Mr. Rochester and Jane are falling in love. Will this bring Jane happiness?
Mr. Rochester's visit is a way of increasing suspense.
Jane uses her reason to curtail her emotions. 
Bronte infuses Jane Eyre with mystery the same way that J. K. Rowling adds mystery to Harry Potter.
Uses masculine imagery to describe Miss Ingram
Mr. Rochester lives authentically 
Romantic period says that society has corrupted good human beings (Rousseau)
Jung talked about personas, personalities that we adopt to conform to society. 
Jane is jealous of Miss Ingram

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Honors 9 Notes: 1/19/17

            Re-Re-Read: “Nights of Round Table”
            Know: “Nuts and Bolts” perfectly & Vocab

What Happens Before the Sword and the Stone:
What does Arthur need a sword for? He got the sword from the anvil but it breaks in a civil war.

European Literature Notes 1/19/17

Important information in red
Student commentary in blue
Notes in black
Vocabulary in green  

Read Chapters 16-17

Pay attention to the following images:
  • Fire/Red-Emotion
  • White/Ice/Snow-Reason
  • Windows/Doors-Confinement
  • Pillars-Masculine, authority figures
Mr. Rochester is twenty years older than Jane.
The poison of life is remorse
Mr. Rochester speaks with authenticity. He cares little like Pococurante
Mr. Rochester says that one has to turn from their acts that bring them remorse, rather than just apologize for them. 
Jane has not felt love for much of her life. Pay attention to this.
Demon comes from daemon, Socrates' little voice.  
The third story is heavily connected to the ghosts
Rochester and Jane are falling in love  

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Honors 9 Notes: 1/18/17

Bold: Questions
Blue: Luzias thoughts
Main ideas and thoughts

            Complete: King Arthur Vocab
            Read: Nights of Round table
            Know: Nuts & Bolts
            Study for Commas and Capitalization test
Pop Quiz on Siegfried- Class scores were abysmal, so he’s going to do more quizzes like that to continue to test our reading
Class Notes From the College Bowl:
1.    How does the pattern of son over coming father castration, fit together with the fact that the gods were anthropomorphic, the Homeric patter, gnothi seaton, and the Robert browning quotation:
a.     Us as humans know we are self surpassing, gods represent boundaries. Man created gods, we see them as our ideals we are meant to reach, heaven is our reward for pushing boundaries.  Gods who went passed the Homeric pattern by surpassing themselves were rewarded.
2.     Why do we strive for excellence?
a.     We want to reach fame and immortality, that’s as close as we can get to the gods
3.    Gods overcome each other by castration, what does that represent symbolically?
a.     Because they are cutting off the method of reproduction?
b.     Taking away his man hood and his honor, he no longer has the power of being a man anymore
4.     Where do we see that Theseus wants to surpass his dad?
a.     He doesn’t put up the white sail he was drunk.
5.    Where does Icarus show the same pattern?
a.     He wanted to show his father something that he did not know, he wanted to reach past the boundaries his father has imposed on him.
6.    Does Hercules kill himself?
a.     He dies: His soul is brought to mount Olympus, his job up there is to be a porter, aka a doorman
b.    He is in so much pain he begs someone to kill him, because if he kills himself he may not be immortalized. If you kill yourself you will wander the earth like a ghost
c.     A guy named Polias, lights the fire which kills Heracles in exchange Hercules gives him his best bow
7.    How does Siegfried’s wife accidentally cause his death?
a.     She told Brunhild about the weakness on Siegfried’s back, and Brunhild wants revenge because Siegfried didn’t marry her, she tells Hagan that secret

Every Culture has myths and legends: In terms of German culture this is the oldest myth we have. We have a song about the Nibelungs, stories that relate to it is the ring opera, the other is lord of the rings
-       Siegfried is known for his strength and being cunning , much like Theseus and Hercules
-       Siegfried is protected by Fafnirs blood, he is protected by magic
-         Mimer wants to kill him when he is young because he keeps playing pranks, and he brought a bear into Mimers workshop
o   Man is Self Surpassing: Because Siegfried is surpassing Mimer, which is why mimer wants him to die

Pre Determination Vs. Happiness

European Literature Notes 1/18/17

Important information in red
Student commentary in blue
Notes in black
Vocabulary in green

The play is tonight. If you are going, be there at 7:10
Pop Quiz(es) at some point (not tomorrow) to see if you are doing your reading 

Read Chapters 14-15

Jane Eyre is a mystery and a Gothic novel: it deals with ghosts.
Jane got the idea to apply to be a governess from a dream.
Jane's paintings tell us something about her.
Freud was a pessimist, Jung an optimist in regards to the prospects of human psychological well-being.
Freud thought that we all had similar dream content and that we can understand what's going on in our unconscious through free association.
A large percentage of Freud's patients were upper-class women, so his theories were based on his observations of a relatively small group. 
Pay attention to the significance of the third floor.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is considered the Shakespeare of the German language.
Jane goes to the third floor when she feels trapped.
Pay attention to when Mr. Rochester leans on Jane
The symbols Jane gives us help us to understand her psyche. If you analyzed these inside of an essay, you'd be doing college level thinking. 
Fortnight: Two weeks 
Pay attention to Mr. Rochester

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Honors 9 Notes 1/17/17

            Complete: Comma 5+6 (Test Thursday)
            Read “Knights of Roundtable”  (Test on Friday)
            Complete: Study Guide

“Mans reach should exceed his grasp or else why would we have a heaven?”
-       Robert Browning
Class Interpretation:
When you go past your limits you get a reward
Heaven is the goal were trying to reach our entire life
Paradox: Seeming contradiction that is none the less true
Human condition Paradox: 99% of who we are is pre determined (Destiny, fate, the gods) but none the less we are most responsible for who we are

We are Self surpassing: The way to be self surpassing is to know thyself

-       How does Hercules die?

o   His wife Dionira is told by a centaur Nessa that if she puts blood on Hercules, he will love her forever.