Friday, May 19, 2017

Fire Discussion 5/19

    How did you feel: mad-the man tried to kill his dog, sad-for the dog, mad-at man for having hubris, surprised-by dog’s infidelity “the dog knew that there are other food providers and fire providers” but realized he wasn’t that surprised, sad-guy dies, mad-at dog because he thinks of humans as providers, bad-for man because he is cold and dying but then didn’t like that he tried to kill the dog (why are we mad about that? He was trying to survive), pensive-intense story and then the guy just dies and you realize the frailty of human life against nature. It’s so easy to die. Kind of pointless. FRUSTERATED-the man failed. mad-the man was stupid and put himself in the situation because of his hubris.
    Similar to friendship? They both have men and dogs in them. But the dog is just there for the fire. They aren’t friends. “There was no keen intimacy” Can you blame someone for instinct?
Anagnorisis: “The old timer was right” Man didn’t listen.
    Significance of the title: Ties into human nature? Will to survive? Prometheus gave humans fire. Infinitive form.
    50 below. Really cold. Exceeding boundaries. The man didn’t think that the temperature mattered when it really did matter. It killed him. Hubris. He thought that he was superior to other human beings. He takes the roundabout way instead of sticking with the boys. You can overcome nature and be self surpassing if you don’t have hubris.
Yukon forrest in the winter. It’s really cold. It’s the worst that nature can be. MAN VS NATURE!! EXISTENTIALIST!!!! Man doesn’t have a name so about everyone. Maybe if the man was with his boys he would survive. We need people.
    mental aspect in order to survive. the man panicked. The man fails to survive because he failed to build a fire and fire is a symbol for knowledge but also seen as something bad

“He was quick and alert in the things of life but not in the significance”
“fifty degrees below zero was precisely 50 degrees below zero”
Significance of the dog? The dog is part of nature. “warm and secure in its natural covering” Dog foil to man. The dog is warm and fine in the wilderness and the man is not.
    Why did the man fail? because hi couldn’t build a fire. Why couldn’t he build a fire? Man had hubris.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

EuroLit Homework

Read: Jung Packet pages 1-6 and Darwin handout

Honors 9 Homework

Read: "To Build a Fire"
Prepare: to discuss