Thursday, September 7, 2017

EuroLit - Thursday 9/7

Homework: prepare for 50 point semi-bonus quiz on Friday & BRING STUDENT ID!

Class Notes"

Thursday September 7th 2nd period Euro Lit.
- review of terminology from handout in relation to quiz to come. Polytheistic, anthropomorphic, etc.
Review of logistics- one of each handout, preplanned absence inform early as possible
Read critically- cut the wheat from the chaff (the real stuff)

Literature started as oral history. Etymology of Europe
Humanism- what does it mean to be human?

Homo sapiens- etymology. “Knowledgeable man” We named ourselves thusly.
Philosophical concept of presupposition. In terms of totality of humanity, or also as individuals?

Basic necessities: food, clothing, shelter, plus society

Neolithic revolution- cease to be totally dependent on nature. “New Stone”. Most important event in human history. Next major event, industrial revolution in 19th Century. Neolithic revolution, advent of agriculture, development of surplus, domestication of cow. Cows/bulls ubiquitous in early cosmology. Metallurgy, tools. Egypt/Mesopotamia/Hebrew civilization. Egypt started with golden age, always tried to return to it. Meso contributes mathematics/astronomy/astrology, Hamurabi’s code. Invention of writing, cuniform, use of stylus on clay tablets. Literary legacy, epic of Gilgamesh.

Oldest story is flood myth, second is story of Marduk. Third, is Gilg.
Gilg was king of Urek. Handsome, well loved. 1st knight rights (1st dibs!) People prayed to Marduk. Gilg has too much pride. Mard creates demigod, Enkidu. Just as handsome/ buff as Gilg. They fight, it’s a draw. Best buddies. They confront mortality. Seek fame as immortality. Cedars of Lebanon, go there and challenge the god. Begin felling the trees. God tells Marduk. Gives Enkidu a fatal disease, he dies. Gilg heartbroken. Gilg goes to talk to survivors of flood. Crosses river. Upsham, what’s your longevity secret? Upsham makes Gilg fall asleep. Gilg dreams, realizes he doesn’t want to live forever. Huis Clos. Upsham’s wife, tells Gilg about plant of everlasting youth at bottom of river. Takes it to Enkidu. Falls asleep. Snake steals plant. Takes cedar of lebanon, builds fortress to protect his people, writes epic on those logs. Basis is fear of death.

In Meso. Zoroaster, not on quiz. Didn’t invent idea of afterlife. Prob. neanderthals. Z did say afterlife is what you merit from your life. Good/evil. Outcome of battle depended on man.

Hebrews gave us monotheism.

Thesus- Pericles and other myths. Good and bad, explanatory, episodic, explain natural world
With Homer, hero changes, fighting internal demons. Then changes with Socrates.
Rhapsodes- accompany themselves with lyres. Recount myths. Patriarchical tradition. Gaia comes first, but never head. Uranus instead. Gaia and Uranus have kids, titans and cyclops, sends them to Tartarus. Next comes Chronos. Chronos castrates dad (Uranus). Same thing is going to happen to you! Parapithia. Zeus castrates Chronos after getting vomited out. Titans battle Olympians and win because titan, Prometheus, gives humans fire. Zeus punishes Prometheus to have his liver pecked for eternity. Early psychology.
Currently in an interglacial period.

Discussion time- what’s the correct world view paradigm?
Feedback from students- talking to each other (students), address what the previous person said!, Occam’s razor, paradigm based on upbringing.

Societal failure- Marx, economic failure. Spangler, grow, but die. 3rd,

We “know” that “man” has walked the face of the earth for a million years.

When teacher emphasizes something, probably important for quiz!

HONORS 9 - Thursday 9/7

Homework: quiz on Gods of Olympus and class lecture on Friday

Class notes:

Need to have assignment sheet out and completed at beginning of class.
Assignment for tomorrow, know gods of Olympus, Scantron, #2 pencil, matching 15 items, 1 short answer question 10 points.

Logistics reminder. Cell phones, 1 warning, then taken to office. Handouts available on blog.
Inform Mr. Stewart of preplanned absence. Need a highlighting system.

Gods of Olympus- Pantheon is a family of gods. The Olympean Pantheon.
Polytheism- belief in many gods.
Mythology told by rhapsodes. Rhapsode is oral storyteller, no writing at time. Professional storyteller, always male. Patriarchal.
Many gods have A and H names, use mnemonics.

Listing gods- Apollo (Light), Athena (Warrior Goddess, Wisdom), Hephaestus (God of the Forge) married to Aphrodite (Goddess of love, beauty), Gaia (Mother Earth), Ares (God of War), Ares and Aphrodite have an affair which is discovered, Hera (wife of Zeus) becomes jealous of Zeus’ ability to bring forth Athena without her, so she has a child without Zeus, which is Heph, pulled him from her hip, or ass. Zeus found Heph so abhorrent that he flung him into the sea, or maybe it was Hera himself, Poseidon (Neptune) sends sea nymph to save him, sea nymph Thetis becomes mother of demigod name Achilles, Hades=Pluto, Dionysus (god of wine, play, revery, darkness, madness)
Archetype- first of its kind
In the future you will read about Icarus- wings of wax, melt, plunge to the sea
Why did he fly close to sun? Wanted to know the truth.
2000 BCE people knew Earth wasn’t flat

Greeks obsessed with being tricked. Wiliness.

Purpose of myths- Myths serve as entertainment, instill ethics/morality, explain the world
Explain the world geographically, scientifically, and historically
We wear rings

1st darkness/chaos, then love/light, from darkness come Lachesis, Clotho, Atropo, Clotho spins the thread of life, Lachesis measures it, Atropo cuts it, concept of predetermination

Paradox-seeming contradiction that is nonetheless true. Life is predetermined, yet we have free will. 3 fates represent predetermination, childs of darkness, patriarchy makes them women. Greek society was matriarchal.

Mythology is early form of psychology.

Gaia has children with her son/husband Uranus, the giants, the cyclops, Uranus sends ‘em to hell, next is the titans, Chronos castrates his dad Uranus, Uranus becomes father sky, Chronos becomes head of pantheon, Chronos reneges on deal with Gaia, same thing will happen to you Chronos, to avoid fate, Chronos marries Rhea, Chronos swallows them, Rhea complains to Gaia, 5th kid Zeus, Rhea and Gaia get him drunk, steal away Zeus, Chronos is given nasty drink, pukes up other 4 kids, Chronos becomes father time, Titans vs Olympians, Prometheus gives humans fire help Olympians, Zeus punishes Prom liver pecked for eternity because now humans can threaten the gods.

Human nature is self-surpassing.

No notes on quiz!

Zeus is archetype of politician.

Persephone ate pomegranate seed, so she’s tainted by death