Friday, September 15, 2017

Honors 9 9-15-17 Homework for Friday: Write the intro paragraph (approx. 1 page) Read: “Theseus” and know the nuts and bolts! (College Bowl!) Words of the day- If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything Stop talking in class- learn when to talk and when to not talk. You have to listen always! Strive to be better than the other classes, Escape the crab bucket, and do not bring yourself down through “herd mentality”. Seating charts suck… So shut up when he starts talking. Homeric Pattern- -ArĂȘte: Striving for excellence. Trying to be better. Endeavoring to surpass those that came before you -Hubris: Having excessive Pride. Biting off more than you can chew. Being over prideful -Ate: The act of going too far. -Nemesis: paying the price for your hubris and ate Introductory paragraph should be in MLA format Never change the font size of your title, and have a hook for Watson so that he wants to keep reading. Title should be clever and also connect the title to your thesis opinion Thesis opinion and 3 reasons should be the last sentence of your introductory paragraph; however, the 3 reasons should be in brief phrases. You need a big picture seed in your introductory paragraph which could also be your hook, and your big picture seed should come back to your big picture seed Short works should be in quotation marks Long works could be italicized Your intro needs to introduce the author’s name, and sometimes genre. You also need to put in definitions for things that Watson might not know. You might talk about the genre when approaching the thesis statement, and explain the purpose of mythology such as to teach ethics. Every paragraph needs to be at MINIMUM 8 to 10 sentences long There are too many characters for the number of body paragraphs… so use envelope thinking to combine more than one character, and your best reason should always be your last body paragraph…. Probably Talos since he is a positive example of the theme.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

2nd Period Euro Lit 9/14 Notes

-Homework: Read Iliad Book XIV and XV

-College Bowl review

-Dionysus, last god in the Pantheon, god of theater, last created by the greeks, demigod, god of the grape, themes of resurrection that echo in the Bible


-The Greeks revered cunning and wile above all else

-Hector and Diomedes fight. Strange civility in the midst of war.  Example from WWI.

-If you have no other relatives, you don’t have to fight. So why does Hector fight? Hector says if he refused to fight he couldn’t face the Trojans.  Because of pride, reputation.  Also glory and fame.

-Ajax (the wall of the Achaeans).

-Nestor is the old man advisor for the Greek army. They draw lots. Hector and Ajax fight, it’s a draw. They exchange gifts of honor.

- Zeus has golden scales, falls on the side of the Achaeans. Hera goes to Poseidon. They get involved in the fighting.

-Ajax ties two oars together to fend off the Trojans. Teucer is the best archer.

 - Patroclus is going to die, which will bring Achilles back into the fight just when the Trojans are ready to wipe out the Greeks.

Diomedes says they should appease Achilles, Agamemnon says ok, I’ll give back Briseis, and even let him marry one of my daughter, if Achilles surrenders.

Achilles epithet (the great runner, the swift)

Achilles chases Hector around Troye four times.

Ajax, Phoenix, Odysseus visit Achilles, Odysseus starts speaking first.  

Achilles encountered Hector on the very first day of the conquest and couldn’t decide whether to kill him or not. Biggest human motivation is fear of death. Achilles will kill Hector out of wrath.

Phoenix speaks last, think about the greater good. Achilles says I have no use for the Achaeans. He questions the idea of the greater good.

Odysseus says he doesn’t care, let’s go.

Interlude, brief comic relief.

Achilles takes notice that Machaon is wounded. Agamemnon gets wounded, retires from battle. Hector says come on guys let’s go. Paris pins Diomedes’ foot to the ground. Odysseus sees this, has an inner debate, will I stay and defend him? Odysseus is injured.

Honors 9

Homework for Thursday- Write Conclusion Paragraph on “Daedalus” (aprox. 1 page). No less than 75% of a page, and no more than 1.5 pages

Words of the day J- better to fail with honor than to succeed by fraud

Tips for surviving Stewart’s class ;): Check out “Oedipus the King” and read the book before you move into the tragedy section. Also read “Oedipus at Colonus” which will not be required, but you will get bonus points for reading it.

Indent 5 spaces at the beginning of each of the paragraphs.
Paginate the top right corner if you have multiple pages (which you should have in a 5 paragraph essay)

Paragraph transition within the topic sentence, which should be a thesis restatement.

Gnothi Seaton- know thyself

Gnothi Seaton is one of the most important things that you will learn in this class.

DO NOT FORGET DAEDALUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Comes back in trimester B

Intro paragraph needs a hook, and somewhere in the paragraph you need a BIG picture seed. The hook can sometimes be the big picture seed. And bring the big picture seed back in the conclusion paragraph to give your essay cohesion.

Do NOT put any opinions in your essay… especially the conclusion!!!!!

Meden Agan- nothing to excess; KEEP TO THE MIDDLE

One way to approach a conclusion is critically- you can disagree with the theme of the story, but you have to back it up.

Robert Browning- “Man’s reach should exceed his grasp.”

He is saying that we should reach for it even if we don’t grasp it.

Rest of the quote “else why is there a heaven?”

We’re supposed to commit ate. By going to far we are able to self surpass. We surpass ourselves by screwing up.

The gods are no more perfect than those who made them, and men are not perfect.
By going to far we know where the bounds are because the gods are not real. We impose the bounds on ourselves. By telling yourself that you can’t do something you have set your own bounds.

We aspire to become better. We would still be in the caves if we did not go further than we were supposed to.

We have to reach for the stars in order to grasp them, but sometimes we fall… but we’re supposed to!!!!

Labyrinth is the most fascinating symbol- the labrynth is a prison of our own minds! Elaborate for a lot of bonus points in the essay.

Flying is another excellent symbol- mankind was not meant to fly, but we did and do, we can fly to other worlds. Elaborate for bonus points galore.

Another technique is the comparison- Lance Armstrong example from yesterday for insight on this technique. Comparison is my favorite method for a conclusion paragraph. I like to compare the stories to movies, especially Shrek and Lord of the Rings, but find something original that is strong, and if you can explain it well then you will get an unimaginable amount of bonus points… (not really), but you will get bonus points. For well written sections and cohesion within the essay. Make your essay flow.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Homework for Wednesday: Complete end marks and capitalization review

Words of the day- Everyday is a good day; however, some are better than others.

Cover your mouth when you yawn in order to prevent Satan from jumping down yo’ nasty throat.

Be a piece of cooked spaghetti

Clincher sentence connects with the thesis opinions
Main reason proved by examples proved by quotations proved by explanations which proves the thesis opinion

A comes back to A is the literary device of character 99% of the time.

Homeric Pattern-
ArĂȘte- the strive for excellence
People strive for excellence is because they fear death, which is why we created the gods. The closest thing that mortals can get to immortality is fame.

Homer noticed that usually people with pride end up doing something that causes them to fall.

Watson expects big picture thinking in the conclusion paragraph.
One way is through comparison. Compare “Daedalus” to another movie, book, etc.
Use three points within the comparison.

For example) lance Armstrong was striving to be the best bicyclist that he could be in the same way that Daedalus was trying to be the best inventor

Lance’s hubris was his overconfidence

Lance’s ate was taking performance enhancing drugs

Lance’s nemesis was that he was stripped of his previous championships, and was infamous for the rest of his life.

Anagnorisis is the recognition that you have messed up.