Friday, October 6, 2017

10/6/17 Homework: English 9 Honors: Read handouts and Oedipus the King, STUDY FOR 50 POINT TRAGEDY VOCAB QUIZ Quote of the day: “Its better to fail with honor than to succeed by fraud” Notes on tragedy: • In the Knights of the Roundtable, the roundtable symbolizes democracy. When the grail appears they all make an oath to quest for the holy grail and only 3 succeeded . Lancelot doesn’t get to see it because all of the deeds he did he did for his wife. The love triangle and the quest for the holy grail is what breaks the democracy apart. • Dramatic Irony- When the audience knows something that one or more characters on stage do not. • When the audience went to see Oedipus the King everyone knew what was going to happen and Sophocles used that to convey his theme. • The last god of the Pantheon is Dianesius and Demeter, together they gave us wine, a good time, grain. People were so dedicated to Dianesius that people tore him to pieces fighting over him. • Dianesius’s death resulted in a terrible year for crops where nothing grew and all plants died • When they killed Dianeseus the women would go out into the countryside to strip and sacrificed a child and the next year the crops grew back. After a while the child was replaced with a goat. • Trage Dien: Singing of the goat • Overall idea in Oedipus: We must know the dark truth about ourselves, if we know ourselves better (Ghnoti Seaton) we have a better chance of making more conscious decisions. Only light can drive out the darkness.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Honors 9 10-4-17 Homework for Wednesday: 125 point test on commas and capitalization and bring your ID card. ☺

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Honors 9 10-3-17 Homework For Tuesday: Write “Hero’s Journey” worksheet as you watch the movie and at home Complete commas 5 and 6 for tomorrow.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Honors 9 10-2-17 Homework For Monday: Write “Hero’s Journey” worksheet as you watch the movie and at home. Complete comma 3 and 4 worksheet for tomorrow.