Thursday, November 2, 2017

Honors 9- Notes 11/2/17 Poetry Unit: Short with emphasis on symbolism What is Poetry? Poetry is simply using language in a different sort of way from the standard. Why do we have poetry? Teach about the world, teach morals and entertain - Poetry helps us live, it gives a better view of what life is itself - Gives us a different perspective - Poetry uses figurative language, connotation Denotative vs. Connotative: Poetry is connotative Poetry uses language not just to communicate, but uses poetic devices to make language more intense Poetry uses language economically: by saying less, you say more Words are symbolic, by using words in an economical way that allows them to carry more weight than they usually freight The connotative suggested other meanings depend on the denotative meaning Three types of Symbolism: 1. Archetypal, and universal- true for anyone, anywhere, anytime. These symbols would be based off of basic human condition and psychology 2. Cultural Symbols- have associated meanings only within the culture 3. Personal symbols: the author uses denotatively what something is, but use different techniques to make it more than its denotative meaning Poetry doesn’t have to mean anything The Eagle - Alfred Lord Tennyson Poetic Devices Used: - Rhyming, - Personification of the eagle - Rhythm, meter and pacing - Symmetry, and asymmetry, o In the last two lines, he uses asymmetry by taking out the comma in the last sign He uses imagery to describe the life of the eagle - The eagle is so high up he’s in lonely lands - He has such good eye sight he can see the curvature of the earth
Euro Lit- 11/2/17 Homework for Thursday: Read and decipher Meditations selections for discussion
Honors 9- 11/2/17 Homework for Thursday: Nothing

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Honors 9- Notes What changes? Romeo and Juliet are dead, but the families stop feuding as a result. What makes it change? The feud causes their death, but the feud also ends because of their death. In what way does it change? They committed suicide. Feud changes only after the death of Romeo and Juliet. Why does he have it change this way? Plot- what happens in a piece of literature Conflict- the problem between the two opposing forces known as the protagonist and the antagonist. Pro= for Romeo and Juliet Ant= against the feud External conflict question- can they keep their marriage alive? Internal conflict question- can they overcome their rashness Plot analysis- Setting- Verona Italy in the 1300’s. During the Summer “for now these hot days get the hot blood stirring” –Benvolio at the beginning of Act 3 Exposition/exciting action- when the thumb biting happens External and internal conflict- can they keep their marriage alive? Can they overcome and avoid rashness? rising action- consists of complications. Complicate the protagonists resolution to their int. and ext. conflict questions. -Tybalt’s Death - Juliet’s dad -feud -Paris Climax- when the resolution to the internal conflict question becomes inevitable. Romeo kills Tybalt in Act 3 Scene 1. Good luck dumbo. Falling action- Wedding date moving up - letter - sleeping potion - Friar John - Romeo meeting and killing Paris Internal conflict question is unsuccessfully resolved; therefore they cannot keep their marriage alive. Denouement- the tying up of lose strings. - feud ends after R and J death Symbolism- - R and J symbolize love - The feud symbolizes hate The theme- love overcomes hate, but usually at a great cost The feud ends, but only after R and J kill themselves
Euro Lit - 11-1-17 Homework for Wednesday: Read and Decipher Meditations selections for discussion
Honor 9- 11/1/17 Homework for Wednesday: study Poetry terms and devices for 50 point quiz

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Euro Lit- 10/31/17 Homework for Tuesday: Read and decipher Meditations selections for discussion
Honors 9- 10/31/17 Homework for Tuesday: Nothing

Monday, October 30, 2017

Euro Lit- 10/30/17 Homework for Modnay: Bring Aristotle book and student ID card
Honors 9- 10/30/17 Homework for Monday: Study for 200 point R and J final