Thursday, January 18, 2018

Honors 9 A Review grammar for 125 point test tomorrow
Do not just say on your essays. Instead, explain out what you are trying to say. How did you feel? Surprised/ shocked Pity Angry Funny? Did we pity the begger? No “So am I” “Struggling beneath handicaps” Became successful Begger didn’t Mr. Parson’s is like don’t get your panties in a twist’ Foreshadowing “Noting click clack” Other subtle hints “Foolish sort of pity for all things blind” But Parsons is blind As he could see, Parsons was a skilled laborer As a blind man, he still found a way to succeed and now he’s happy Themes: Work with what you have? Don’t pity yourself or others? How you deal with what you’re dealt? Parsons positive example of theme Markwardt negative example of theme