Friday, March 2, 2018

Honors 9 A- Read Siddhartha pg 20-34 Honors 9 B- Read Lord Of the Flies chapters 4,5,6

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Honors 9 A- Read Siddhartha pg 1-19 Honors 9 B- Read Lord of The Flies pg 5-52
Symbolism / Old man and the Sea Subjective- mind- self conscious • Objective-material- things- NATURALISM • We are a part of nature but have grown away from it – mind body dualism • Existential and natural hero • Homeric and tragic hero • Umvelt- things eigenwelt- mind MITWELT-with, both mind and body • Hemingway writes with symbolism, man vs. nature • Mind is self-consciousness, only mind that has this ability • Other creates and animals do not have the third eye, the ability to see us, seeing ourselves. • Mind over matter, resolution • Lions Manolin connection? • How you deal with what you are dealt- suffer like a man- everyone dies • Bible symbolic, positive to theme • Theme: will power, never give up • Suffered, but never gave up • How does the end of the story make you feel?---theme Plot--- • Denouement beings after the external resolution, how does it make us feel? • Unsuccessful external resolution makes us feel sad/disappointed • Manolin represents the reader • Tourists used as a foil( negative examples of theme) must understand man can be destroyed but not defeated as long as he never gives up. • Find the theme by asking --- What Changes?--- • (A comes back to A) • What changes? What makes it change? In what way does it change? Why does the author have it change that way?