Monday, March 12, 2018

3-12-18 Honors 9 A Didactic allegory – everything is symbolic External conflict resolution- his self has merged into unity and had fought against destiny to become his true self. The theme is achieved through change in POV. Siddhartha is now enlightened. Siddhartha- symbolic of us--- until he becomes enlightened Govinda- becomes a symbol of us “Learn to love the world” and that love is the most important thing in the world. THEME- love everything Epiphany-sudden intuitive knowledge or learning How does it make us feel? Confused, what is enlightenment? We do not know, just as the author doesn’t know. What changes? Govinda becomes enlightened (Character) What makes is change? By listening to river. He learned to suffer and learned to love everything including suffering. Internal conflict question- Protagonist-Siddhartha Antagonist- External conflict question- Can he find his true self? Siddhartha and Govinda both learn love, but in different ways Why does the author have it change that way? -Everyone learns things in their own way. Symbolic of us. Biggest Symbolism-setting and river