Friday, May 11, 2018

This weekend's assignment for EuroLit:
  • Read "1984"
This weekend's assignment for English 9 Honors:
  • Re-read "To Build a Fire" multiple times.
  • Write the rough drafts for:
    • Character
    • Plot
    • Conclusion
Honors 9 English
                                                        “To Build a Fire” Notes

·      Today’s assignment for EuroLit:
o   Read “Demian” chapter four: “Beatrice”.
o   Bring your student ID tomorrow to pick up “1984”.
o   There will be a 50pt quiz on chapters 1-4 tomorrow.
·      Today’s assignment for Honors 9 English:
o   Re-read “To Build a Fire” at least once.
o   Write the rough draft of the character analysis.

·      How did the story make us feel?
o   We feel sad that the man had a tragic ending and died.
o   We feel sad that the dog does not value the man for anything other than food and warmth.
o   We feel insignificant because the man’s death does not seem to matter to the dog.
·      How does the author make us feel this way?
o   The man’s death was avoidable, and he did not listen to his advice.
·      The external conflict resolution is when the man dies: “the man drowsed off…”(180).
o   The man drowses off into the most comfortable sleep “he had ever known”, hinting that his death is a sleep unlike any he has ever known.
o   The man’s death is described as “sleep”, from which his consciousness fades and he does not wake up.
§  Sleep is connotative with death.
·      The dog leaves the dead man because there are “other food providers” at the camp, hinting at the dog’s lack of a human consciousness.
o   The dog sees the man as a source of food, and not much else.
o   Page 172: “there was no intimacy between the dog and the man”.
·      What changes?
o   The man dies.
·      What makes it change?
o   The man is killed by the cold.
o   The man gives up, or does he? “If he’s about to freeze anyway, then he might as well do it decently…”
§  The man goes through the Homeric pattern.
·      The man’s shows arĂȘte by taking “a little-travelled trail…”(167).
o   The man is separated from his group: “he had taken the roundabout way”(168).
o   The man takes the trail alone.
o   The man does not listen to the old-timer’s advice of “after fifty below, a man should travel (178)
§  The man considers first that perhaps the old-timer was right, not fully believing that the man should have followed the old-timer’s advice.
·      The man wants to get logs faster than others, despite being “a newcomer” and ignoring the advice of an experienced old-timer.
·      The man shows his hubris by thinking that “those old timers…” are foolish and worrywarts (174).
o   The man wears “socks and moccasins” in the middle of Alaskan winter, and is underprepared for the cold weather.
§  The man has no gear other than his sandwich bag.
o   Page 172: “ignorant to the cold” shows how the man is disregarding nature’s ability to kill him.
o   Page 168: “But the temperature didn’t matter…”
·      The man commits ate by “The man turned aside…”(167).
·      The man’s experiences anagnorisis by him…
·      The man’s nemesis is his death of the cold.
§  The man accepts that he has made mistakes and has gone to far.
·      Page 180: “The thought of it drove him on, but he ran no more than a hundred feet…”
·      The man was trying to survive, but his body gives way to the cold.
§  The man realizes that he has already lost the fight for survival, and chooses to face death with dignity.
§  The man experiences anagnorisis, the realization that he has committed ate, and now must pay nemesis with his life.
·      Page 180: “He was bound to freeze anyway…” shows that the man knows he has gone too far and lost the game of life.
·      In what way does it change?
·      Plot:
o   Protagonist: The man
o   Antagonist: Nature
o   External conflict question: can the man survive?
o   Internal conflict question: can the man overcome his hubris?
·      The man is similar to Santiago in “The Old Man and the Sea”, being a naturalist hero: Man vs. Nature.

·      The man looking at his watch as an excuse for being out of shape symbolizes his arrogance.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Today's assignment for EuroLit:
  • Read "Demian" chapter 3: "Among Thieves" [and "The Repentant Thief" from the Jung packet].
  • There will be a 50pt quiz on chapters one through four on Friday.
Today's assignment for English 9 Honors:
  • Read "To Build a Fire" by Jack London [and London's bio] -- analyze how it makes you feel.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Today's assignment for EuroLit:
  •  Read "Demian" chapter 2, "Cain" and the "Cain and Abel" handout in the Jung packet.